Why You Must Buy a Cross Trainer for your Home Gym?

Recently many people prefer to exercise at home, instead of visiting a local gym. Similarly you can also set up a home gym and train yourself using a variety of fitness equipments; that includes a cross trainer. The following paragraphs explain why you must buy a cross trainer for your home gym.

Cross trainers are also known as elliptical trainers. They help you to train the arms and legs simultaneously. Exercising on a cross trainer provides lots of advantages such as muscle toning, weight reduction, enhancing cardiovascular health etc. It is basically operated from a standing position and involves keeping your feet firmly on the foot pedals or pads; while you perform cardio workouts and toning exercises.

Cross trainers are best for people who like to walk or run. This versatile cardiovascular equipment has a platform to place your feet on, and handles for holding your hands. You need to move the platform circularly and use the arms for moving the handles back and forth. It helps to target your arms, shoulders, back and legs together without affecting the joints.

A cross trainer is a low impact machine; that imitates the foot style of running outdoors without straining the joints. It helps to avoid the risks of high impact activities like running or jogging, and is very useful for back pain treatment. You can improve your body shape by using this cardio machine and also maintain your overall health.

Regular workouts on a cross trainer helps to develop, shape and tone all the large muscle groups; especially the working muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. They also train the upper body and your arms as you exercise the legs. By increasing the resistance of the cross trainer, you can perform an intense workout for the lower body muscles.

These cross trainers enable you to do various types of aerobic exercises in order to enable your lungs and heart; to quickly supply blood and oxygen to all the working muscles. Hence, using a cross trainer continuously for a long period will increase the efficiency of the heart, lower the resting heart rate, and enhance your aerobic fitness.

Moreover, cross trainer is ideal for people with problems related to the lower limbs such as arthritic knees. The arm action provided by cross trainers will strengthen and tone your upper body. Cross training is also highly suitable for reducing the excess body fat. You can burn lots of calories and lose weight by incorporating a proper workout. For instance, when a person weighing 180 pounds, exercises on a cross trainer for one hour, he will burn 900 calories.

However, before starting a cross training program, you should always contact a medical expert; and inform him about your medical history and current health conditions. Stretching your lower body muscles such as the quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings etc., before and after your workouts will improve the flexibility of your body. Finally, to maintain good health throughout the program; you should take sufficient rest, in between the training sessions.

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