Why and How to Use Power Rack for Strength Training?

Why and How to Use Power Rack for Strength Training?

Power rack is one of the best exercise equipments for strength training. It is a four-pillared metal frame having horizontal safety rods fitted in holes drilled in the pillars for limiting the downward movement of a barbell. The exercise equipment is designed for use with a barbell and exercise bench and is considered to be the favorite strength training equipment of many weight lifters, power lifters, body builders, athletes all over the world. A power rack is commonly found at most of the commercial gyms and is also available in the models specifically designed for use at home.

Advantages of Using Power Rack

There are a number of advantages of using a power rack for strength training. The primary advantage is the safety. The horizontal bars fitted in a power rack will prevent the barbell from crashing on the trainer in case of lift failure and as a result ensures a safer weight training approach. Therefore while exercising with a power rack one does not need to take help of spotter as required when performing the bench press with barbells and dumbbells. Even a beginner can use power rack for weight training because of at this high level of safety one can easily train themselves for muscle and strength building.

Uses of Power Rack as Strength Training Exercise Equipment

Using a power rack various kinds of barbell exercises including squats, curls and shoulder presses can be performed. Various other movements like pulls, shrugs, overhead press, inverted rows, upright rows and bent over rows can be performed using power rack for better upper body training. With power racks having a pull up and dip bar attachment, one can try out dips, chin ups, pull ups, hanging  knee raises and hanging leg raises for the best shoulder, arms and chest muscles training. Various kinds of bench press and military presses can be easily performed using power rack for most effective strength training. Extra add-ons too are available in the market for use with power racks, by installing these onto your power rack will further increase multiply its use for various strength training motions. With add-on like pulley system or weight stack your power rack will get on the ability to support more motions like cable rows, bicep cable curls, face pulls, cable crunches, pull downs, cable pull throughs and tricep push downs. One can easily and safely lift heavier weights or barbells with a power rack. Moreover with power rack one can adjust the safety catches to any height, therefore offering the ability to precisely train any part of the full range of motion on a given exercise. By using power rack as your strength training exercise equipment you will have better confidence of exercising with heaviest weights as you are frightened of the weight falling off on you because of the safety rod limits provided in the machine.

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