Which Type of Treadmill Would Be The Best For Your Home Gym?

The treadmill is regarded as one of the most popular and highly beneficial exercise equipment. Just like any type of cardiovascular exercise equipments like an elliptical trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, it is mainly used to perform exercises which are beneficial for maintaining good health and losing weight. A treadmill helps to carry out various cardiovascular workouts like walking, jogging, running, sprinting, etc.; in order to improve cardio health, and enhance the blood circulation throughout the body. It is also a good calorie burner. These treadmills are heavy duty training machines and are specially engineered to withstand continuous pounding and rough usage. They are commonly utilized in commercial gyms by various people for several hours daily.

However, many people now opt for a home treadmill. You can choose a suitable one from the various manual and electric treadmill models available in the market. They normally display the basic information such as distance covered, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. While selecting a treadmill you should consider all the pros and cons; in order to decide the type of treadmill that would be the best for your home gym.

Generally the portable treadmills are highly appropriate for a well equipped home gym compared to the other treadmills, since they are small and compact, as well as effective. These handy equipments are manually operated or automatic. They are also relatively simple to install and use. Moreover, they can be folded and easily moved, carried and stored. And these portable treadmills also occupy less space in your home gym.

Besides this, many other types of treadmills are available for your home gym. A walking belt treadmill is highly suitable for home gyms and especially designed for walking exercises. Like all kinds of treadmills, it has a walking belt where you can place your feet, for walking or running. It is foldable and compact, and hence you can keep it in any corner of the room. The digital screen displays related details such as the heart rate, distance, speed, incline, calories burned etc. It even includes a 1.5 horse power heart rate monitoring device and a music system with audio speakers. This space saving treadmill allows you to workout a couple of other training programs. And the 2.5 horse power model is perfect for light jogging.

The running belt treadmill is a heavy duty treadmill, which is particularly designed for running exercises. They are comparatively larger, heavier, and long lasting than the walking belt treadmill. It enables you to perform workouts like short distance running or marathons, and includes various other exercise programs. These robust machines can resist pounding for several hours daily. Further they also have specific degree of incline and decline to practice running uphill or downhill. The wide belt is sturdy and thus helps the fast runners.

All these treadmills are available at competitive rates in the market and come with a lifetime warranty. Basically every treadmill has distinct features and thus a specific type of treadmill is best for your home gym, if it is as per your personal requirements, helps to achieve your fitness goals and is within your budget limits.

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