Which Size Kettlebell to Use for Your Perfect Workout?

The kettlebell is one of the widely used exercise equipments in a home gym; that are popular amongst both men and women. It is also known as girya; and is basically utilized for strength, power and cardio fitness. Kettlebells are usually made from a single and solid piece of metal. It has a ball like shape, and a large curved handle; to hold it properly by both the hands.

Kettlebells are available in various sizes and weights. So many people get confused while choosing a suitable kettlebell. The simplest way is to always start with a light weight and small size kettlebell; then gradually build your confidence and learn the technique. Later on, you can work your way upwards; to use heavier and larger kettlebells in this latest workout world.

So, which size kettlebell to use for your perfect workout will depend on various factors as explained further. If you are an elderly person or not in shape or are hardly familiar with weight training; then such men should normally start by using a 26 lb or 12 kg kettlebell. And such women can use kettlebells of 15 pounds or 7 kg; to begin their workout.

Whereas for average to well shaped men with some experience in weight training; the initial kettlebell size will be 35 lb or 16 kg. And such average women should
start with18 pounds or 8 kg.

While for perfectly shaped and well experienced persons in weight training; starting with 44 lbs or 20 kg is common for these strong men; and then move up to 53 lbs or 24 kg. Similarly a strong woman can begin with a 26 lbs or 12 kg kettlebell and later move to 35 pounds or 16 kg.

Finally, all males should understand that a heavy kettlebell is not actually the right one to acquire proper form. Hence it is advisable to start with the lighter one; and master the workout skill, and subsequently shift to the heavier kettlebells. In fact there are numerous ways to use lighter kettlebells. For example a small kettlebell may become relatively complicated in some advanced workouts.

Also all females should realize that they need not begin exercising with very light kettlebells such as a 10 lb kettlebell. It is recommended to start with a considerable weight; to have the sensation of lifting a load and train your muscles to learn the exercise routine correctly.

You can use kettlebells for exercising just like the dumbbells, but in a comparatively stationary and restricted manner. They are highly suitable for powerful swinging exercises; and require perfect hand movement and careful attention to avoid any injury.

The best way is to learn using kettlebells perfectly; is to avoid focusing on their size and weight, until you have completed the workout. Ultimately you will be surprised that you can handle better weights; after you have understood the right skills of kettlebell training. Ideally all men should avoid using kettlebells heavier than 53 lbs and all women should not lift kettlebells above 26 lbs.

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