Which Cardiovascular Exercise Equipments to Choose for your Home Gym?

Cardiovascular training helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, and also enables us to effectively lose weight. Hence this type of exercise should be included in your workout routine. Basically, the cardio machines are designed to provide the repetitive movement to the major muscles of our body in order to burn fat. All cardio equipments develop the heart health, burn calories, and improve your energy levels. Following are some of the highly preferred cardiovascular machines for your home gym.

Cross Trainer

The cross trainer or the elliptical trainer helps to tone both the upper body and lower body at the same time. It has a platform where you can stand, and handles for holding your hands firmly. The platform moves in a circular mode, while the handles can be moved back and forth with your arms. This ultimately helps to train the legs, shoulders, back and arms all together. Moreover, the cross trainer does not affect the joints.

Exercise Bike

Cycling primarily involves repetitive movement of the main muscles with little resistance. Hence exercise bikes are preferred for burning calories without any harmful effects. They are upright or recumbent, and are highly useful for the cardio system and legs. The upright bikes are just like the real bicycles and also have adjustable levels to mimic riding uphill. While the recumbent bike has a comfortable recline seat. Your legs can be kept in front of the body in a horizontal position. They are very suitable for persons with lower back pain or lower spine problems. You can burn between 200 to 300 calories in a 30 minute cycling session.


The treadmill provides a highly beneficial cardio workout. It enables you to run, jog or walk, in your home at any time. You can easily exercise even during the extreme weather, and also avoid the crowded or dangerous traffic outdoors. They help to improve our metabolism, which eventually helps to lose weight. Treadmill decks are shock absorbent and flexible; they have adjustable inclines for imitating walking or running up the hill.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machines or rowers also help to workout the complete body. You just need to sit on a sliding, cushion seat and keep the feet against a platform. You can hold the handles with your hands, and push yourself back with your legs and then pull the handle. It is exactly similar to the rowing movement done in a true boat. The intensity can be adjusted to make it easy or hard. They help to train the muscles of the back, shoulders, biceps, abs and legs.

As far as which cardiovascular exercise equipments to choose for your home gym is concerned, it actually depends on your budget limits, exercise goals and health levels. In fact all the cardio machines help to maintain overall fitness however you should select the one that is more suitable to your fitness requirements.  Moreover, some cardio equipment may help to burn more calories in relatively less time as compared to the other training equipment.

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