Which are better Dumbbells or barbells?

dumbbellSignificance of Dumbbells and Barbells

Planning to arrange a personalised gym at your living space can be made economically as well as space saving. Considering the type of workouts you would like to practise and the maximum space you can afford to maintain the exercise equipments, you can further think about purchasing the right equipments. Among the most useful and necessary exercise tools which we can prefer for personal or home use are the dumbbells and barbells. Practicing with dumbbells will make you stabilize your body mass in terms of making almost all the muscle fibres activated. Dumbbells are easy to do workouts repeatedly, whereas, with barbells it may result in muscle imbalance. Though barbells are relatively effective workout equipment, dumbbells appear to have better benefits than that.

Relative Advantages of Dumbbells over barbells

Comparing the advantages from different perspectives will help the user to choose the better gym equipment for his personal use.

Age Factor- Considering the level of the individual and the age factor, dumbbell will stay a better option for beginners. People who are in the initial stage of stabilizing their weight can feel better workouts using dumbbell as they will be able to coordinate their muscles and obtain muscle strength.

Movements– Working with dumbbell will give you the feeling of moving your body to both the sides without the pressure from the equipment than in a barbell where you need to stay in a fixed position.

Angle adjustment- It is quiet easy to adjust the angles while pressing the weights which is not possible with barbells.

Safety-as far as safety point of view is concerned dumbbells are much safer than barbells especially for people who have just started their practises. Particularly while performing single leg exercises, it is safe to hold the dumbbell on one hand and manage the balancing easily. Even when you have difficulty with bench pressing you can easily drop the fitness equipment.

Benefits of workouts with dumbbells

Working out with dumbbell in your home gym brings many benefits. Some of the notable benefits are

  • Weight balancing between limbs can be obtained proportionately
  • You can avoid muscles getting bulk up as practising with dumb will activate all the muscles proportionately
  • You can easily manage your exercise repetition
  • Adjustable dumb add more advantage while exercising

Tips to achieve good results through workouts with dumbbells

For beginners they can practise with this fitness equipment initially under the supervision of an experienced person. Once you are trained to work out, you can increase the weight of the bells and gradually obtain balancing management in a much safer way. Repetition of the workouts with dumb will certainly add more efficiency towards obtaining quick results.


While comparing the benefits of both the gym equipments, dumbbells have relatively more benefits than bar. In addition, while comparing the pricing bar costs little more than a dumbbell; hence, when you think of enhancing the weight you may have to spend more with barbells than the other.

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