Weights – Important Boxing Training Equipment

Weights – Important Boxing Training Equipment

Equipments are important requirement of any sport training. Similar is the case in boxing. Various kinds of equipments are used in boxing training. There are boxing bags, different kinds of punching bags for punching practice, boxing stand, boxing gloves and protective headgears and not to forget the weights are also most important boxing training equipment.

While talking about boxing training equipment, we all know that a punching bag is used for practicing punching techniques, a speed boxing bag is used to develop the speed and co ordination, whereas the boxing gloves, handwraps or headgears form the important protection equipment used during the boxing training. But yet important equipment for the boxing training is still left out and that is weights. Many of them wonder on how weights can help in boxing training? The answer is that the boxing is a tough game. To excel in boxing one has to be fit, should possess good boxing skills and most importantly should be tough enough to take on the blows and to give a few stronger ones too. Therefore for a boxer strength training is very important. This is where free weights come into play in boxing training.

Much has been said on whether boxers can weight train themselves and incorporate weightlifting into their boxing training or not because it is thought that adding extra muscle mass can tighten up and slow down the all around boxing form. But this is not a problem if weights are used in correct way such that solid and lean frames can be achieved without getting over muscle bound. One should not lift weights like bodybuilder or weight lifter. The key is to avoid heavy weights and practicing with only low repetitions because heavy weights and low repetitions can put on maximum muscle mass which is not desirable in boxing. Using light weights with more repetitions will make you much stronger and better prepared for tougher challenges inside the ring.

Moreover core strength training must be the point of focus while practicing weightlifting for boxing it involves all your abdominals, oblique muscles, lower back muscles and upper leg muscles. Focusing on compound exercises that help in increasing functional strength will be better option than to waste time curling the biceps.

So no doubt that weights are one of the important requirements for boxing training. For those looking to buy weights for boxing training can find the best ranges at worldfitness.com.au. Worldfitness is a leading supplier of gym and fitness equipment offering various kinds of exercise equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, weight benches, various kinds of exercise and weight machines, yoga and aerobic accessories for exercising at commercial or home gym. Various kinds of high quality boxing equipment including Adidas boxing gloves, Everlast boxing bags, boxing stand, hand wraps, focus mitts and protective gears are available at worldfitness online fitness equipment store at most affordable prices. Most important of all weights of different sizes and material makes are available here in top quality. One can select the best ones from these for boxing training as per requirements.

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