Weight Training with Weight Plates Workouts

Weight Plates – The Best Way to Weight Train Yourself

Weight training is surely the best way to build muscles, body strength and mass. For those who are looking to tone up their muscles and want to build a strong muscular body exercising with weight plates will be the best option. Weight plates are the centrally holed octagonal or round heavy equipments usually made of plastic, steel or iron materials. These can be loaded to barbells or dumbbells to add resistance to them thus providing a way for an intense abs and muscles workout. Not only with barbells or dumbbells you can also use weight plates all alone in different kinds of exercises with fitness equipments like boxing equipment, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, cross trainer etc., to provide a complete body workout. You can also use weight plates to add resistance to plate-loaded weight machines.

With weight plates you can exercise different parts of your body with different kinds of workouts. You can go for a normal trunk twist exercise for abs improvement, around the world exercise for over all shoulder workout or bosu squat press which is a full body strength workout that also builds up the strength in your shoulders and legs while improving your coordination and balance. When you exercise with weight plates first and most important, your muscles get toned along with your ligaments and tendons which also get a decent workout too. It is also observed that person who regularly exercises with weight plates has less risk of developing osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and makes them more susceptible to breakage. This is because weight plate exercise will greatly boost up the density and strength of your bones. Your metabolism will be elevated and metabolic rate also will be healthier if you regularly exercise with weight plate. Even your postural support develops as you continue working out with weight plates.

All these benefits of weight plates workouts came to be known to the people around the later part of 19th century when the first weight plate loaded barbells came into use. Since this precious discovery till today, a number of exercises for total body fitness using weight plates have been discovered and today weight plates have a dominant position in the world of weight training. Almost every exercise facility or gym today is equipped with weight plates as one of their central aspects of fitness training.

There are generally two basic types of weight plates available for the weight trainers of the present day who seek to improve their overall fitness and musculature through weight training. There are most publicized Olympic plates and the good old standard weight plates. Olympic weight plates are normally the larger and heavier models of weight plates having 2 inch diameter hole in the centre. These are generally designed for the use of professional Olympic weight lifters who take their weightlifting more seriously. On the other hand the standard weight plates are lighter and generally meant for regular use or use at home gyms. These are normally designed with 1 inch central holes and better serve the needs of the regular users and the trainee lifters. The standard weight plates are quite cheaper exercising options than Olympic models and can be easily possessed for perfect muscle workout at home. Both the standard and Olympic weight plates can be got in different weight ranges from lightest 1 KG to 25 KG and more and can be purchased according to one’s exercising requirements. They also come with added features like handles for easy grip and rubber coating that ensures that they do not get damage when thrown or dropped down heavily. So for those who desire to possess great muscular physique should definitely go for a weight training exercise routine with weight plates.

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