Types of Punching Bag, Boxing Bag for Boxer

Types of Punching Bags Used in Boxing

Boxing is combat sport where two players fight using their fists. In order to win in the game, a boxer should have great punching technique and hand and eye coordination. For this it is required that the boxer practices punching thoroughly with a punching bag, also called as a boxing bag. Punching bags are the most important boxing equipments without which practicing boxing is next to impossible. Punching bags used in boxing practice are normally the sturdy cylindrical shaped bags designed to be punched repeatedly. They are crafted in such a way that they can survive and absorb the high impact of kicks, strikes and punches of the boxer and give a longer service to their users.

The punching bags are great tools for those who want to practice punching to increase their strength and improve their quickness and endurance. They are available in various forms and can either be hung from the ceiling or affixed to a stand for punching practice. They are made from different kinds of materials and are normally available in options such as free standing bags, speed bags, heavy punching bag and body opponent bags.

Speed Bags

Speed bags are the small, air filled boxing bags that are suspended in air by anchoring at the top to a rebound platform parallel to the ground. The speed punching bag normally weighs about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and bounces rhythmically off the round standard when hit correctly. The fighter learns to time the speed bag in order to throw accurate punches and develop coordination. These are ideal practicing devices for the beginners who want to improve their hand-eye coordination and endurance.

Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are great for professional boxers. These are large, tough, cylindrically shaped bags normally hanged from ceiling with ropes or chains which can take forceful punches without falling or getting damaged. They are best for practicing harder punches and are often used for practicing kick boxing techniques. Practicing with a heavy bag will toughen the hands and limbs of the boxer that are used to hit the bag. The heavy bags are normally filled with dense and heavier materials packed sand, grains, etc. and therefore while using heavy bags usage of equipment like boxing gloves, bag gloves, training gloves and hand wraps is usually recommended for hand and fists protection from bruises, scars and injuries.

Free Standing Bags

A free standing bag is traditional heavy bag that rests on the top of a solid base. The base is quite reliable and not prone to being knocked over. A free standing bag is as effective as any other hanging bag. The techniques like kickboxing, punching or MMA workouts which are possible with a hanging bag are also possible to practice with a free standing bag which is usually designed to take up even hardest of the blows.

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