Treadmills – The Best Fitness Equipment

A treadmill is considered as the best fitness equipment by many people because it has proven itself as the most successful method of losing weight. A proper workout routine on a treadmill can not only help in losing weight but also helps in keeping body fit and healthy. Any age group or individual can use treadmill to achieve their fitness goals. There are various components in a treadmill which enable you to get the most effective results from treadmill. So, while buying treadmill, you need to consider those components and their efficiency as mentioned below:-


A motor is considered as the heart of a treadmill. Even if you only require easy strolling on your treadmill, you require at least 1.5 HP (Horse Power) motor. If you use your treadmill for more time, then you require at least 2.5 HP motor in your treadmill. The professionals always suggest buying treadmills with 2.5 to 3 HP motor so that even if you use it frequently, the motor doesn’t burn and give you a trouble of high maintenance costs.


A treadmill can come with two sorts of frames, aluminium or steel. Both types of frames are suitable for a treadmill and it becomes a personal choice of the person wanting to buy a treadmill.


The treadmill you are buying should have a belt which is 16 inches wide and 48 inches long. If you are tall having extended legs, then it is better to go for more than 51 inches long belt. You should also keep in mind that someone else also might use this treadmill and so make the decision of buying treadmill accordingly.


Better cushioning of a treadmill means giving less stress to your joints and legs. Cushioning is important as poor cushioning can give an adverse effect to your body while exercising on a treadmill. Top quality treadmills usually have a specific cushioning system to protect your body.

Data Displays and Controls

The data displays and controls in a treadmill becomes important when you want to check, how many miles did you run today. The data displays and controls should be user friendly so that it becomes safe to configure the pace and incline controls of a treadmill.

From Where to Buy a Treadmill?

Now, when you know the different factors responsible for the proper working of a treadmill, it becomes easy for you to select a treadmill. But the question arises is that from where to buy a treadmill? Whether the treadmill should be bought from a local fitness equipment shop or an online shop of fitness equipment? The benefit of buying from online store of fitness equipment is that, there you will find a wide variety of treadmills from all over the globe. It doesn’t get limited to a particular region. Secondly, there are many discounts available on online shops, so you can buy treadmill at an affordable price when compared to a local shop. So, now if you need to buy treadmill to keep your body fit and health or lose weight, just go through the range of treadmills available at and select the one which suits your requirements.

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