Treadmills & Elliptical Cross Trainer – The Most Effective Exercise Equipments for Weight Loss

Weight loss is the major concern of the most of the people exercising at a gym. We often see people exercising hardly on various kinds of machines in a gym. Most of these machines are cardio exercise equipments. It has been proved that weight can be best lost with cardio exercises and therefore most of the people opt to work out on cardio machines. They know that these are the machines are going to provide them the most effective workout for their weight loss goals. Different kinds of cardio exercise equipment are found in gyms today like spin bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, rowing machines, stair climbing machines, ski exercise machines etc. However the most effective and easy to use are certainly the treadmills and cross trainers. By consistent exercising on treadmills and cross trainers, weight can be shed off more quickly compared to other forms of cardio devices.


A treadmill is exercise equipment used to perform the best cardio exercise, running or walking, while staying in one place. The machine consists of movable conveyor belt that promotes walking or running by moving from front to rear thereby allowing a person to walk or run at an equal and necessarily opposite, velocity. Depending on how the conveyor belt is powered for movement there are mainly two kinds of treadmills – the manual treadmills powered by the force of individual and the motorized treadmills in which the belt movement is powered by an electric motor. The manual treadmills are always better option for rapid and more intense weight loss training than the motorized models in which the belt moves automatically without requiring much labor force.

Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer

Elliptical trainers offer a low impact way of weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. An elliptical trainer or cross-trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to perform stair climbing, walking, or running kind of cardio exercises without causing any excessive pressure to the joints. Hence an elliptical cross trainer decreases the risk of impact injuries and therefore is considered the best device for people with leg or joint problems for weight loss exercises. An elliptical cross trainer device consist of handle bars too which move back and forth as the user strides on the machine. By exercising on an elliptical trainer holding these handles provides an excellent muscle-toning mechanism which exercises both the upper as well as the lower body simultaneously. Another feature that many elliptical cross trainers offer is the ability to change the incline of the machine. Increasing the incline dramatically increases the difficulty of the workout.

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