Treadmill Workout for Weight Loss

Many individuals avoid treadmills, since they find them boring. Hence the following workouts can help you to lose weight effectively and enjoyably.

Card Game Workout

One way is to play an interesting card game and keep yourself occupied when you are doing a treadmill workout. So first take four blank index cards. Then write walk, jog, run fast, and run, on each of the cards correspondingly. Now place these cards in an envelope, and keep it on the control panel of your treadmill. You should thereafter perform a simple one mile warm up, and then pull out one of the cards. It is recommended to carry out this exercise using each of the cards for around 5 minutes.

Full Body Workout

This is a combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises which helps to train the arms, legs, and stomach. In involves using 3 to 5 lbs weights for half an hour. First of all you should jog for 5 minute to warm up lightly and swiftly. Then get down from your treadmill to execute 15 pushups; and thereafter perform a 1 minute run on the treadmill. You can increase your speed on the treadmill by around one mph, and finish with a 30 second sprint. It is advisable to redo the above mentioned steps thrice.

Ladder Workout

Instead of using the intervals of equal lengths, this great routine involves increasing the interval lengths progressively. To start with you should warm up for 1mile on the treadmill, and then increase your speed for 2 minutes. Now decrease your speed in the next 3 minutes for recovery. Thereafter you should increase your speed for 4 minutes; and again decrease it for 5 minutes as it is your recovery period. Then once more increase your speed for 6 minutes and decrease it for 7 minutes in order to recover. It is suggested to repeat all these steps once again.

TV Workout

You can also watch your favorite television program while exercising on your treadmill. It will help to pass your time, and also organize your schedule. This 30 minute workout can be started by climbing on your treadmill and running hard. You can decrease your speed during a commercial and then continue this pattern till the program gets over. You can even do this workout while listening to the music. Initially run fast for the first song, and then just decrease your speed during the next song.

Dumbbell Workout

This routine is highly suitable for very busy people as they do not have time for exercising. Such individuals can use a pair of dumbbells up to five lbs. and walk on the treadmill for training the biceps. Then raise and lower your arms with every step; and hold the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Ensure that the palms of your hands are facing forward. Then stretch your arms above your head and return them to the starting position. Simply do this 10 times. Hence several people now perform these treadmill workouts for weight loss.

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