Treadmill V/S. Rower – The Workout Comparison

Nowadays, many people perform different workouts to remain fit by utilizing suitable fitness equipments; including the treadmill and rower. Although both these exercise machines are used for cardiovascular training and weight loss; you should compare them to determine which equipment is appropriate for your health objectives.

All cardiovascular exercise equipments help to increase energy levels, burn calories, improve heart and lung functioning and maintain overall health. The specific training benefits also depend on the type of cardio training and cardio equipment. Hence, the workout comparison of the rower and treadmill is explained below.

A rower or rowing machine is basically one of the most low-impact cardio equipments that is designed to imitate the rowing action on water. The upper body movement resembles the action of moving an oar against the water resistance; whereas the lower body movement resembles bending and straightening the knees while performing the upper body movement. The muscle groups that get trained will depend on the stroke used.

A rower machine workout generally targets your biceps, lower back, abdomen, hamstrings and quadriceps. A narrow grip stroke is executed by holding the center of the rower and targets your gluteus, abdominal muscles, and thighs. And a wide grip stroke is performed by holding the outer edges of the rower; and targets your chest muscles, latissimus dorsi, and deltoids. Settings on the rower can decrease or increase the resistance on the muscle groups; and help to improve the body stamina accordingly.

On the other hand, the treadmill is considered as a high-impact exercise machine that is designed to enable running or walking indoors in a stationary place. It is the ideal way to train our lungs and heart; because it mimics the lower body movements and the natural action of walking and running outdoors. This equipment targets the lower body muscles, specifically the calf and abdominal muscles; hamstrings, buttock, and quadriceps.

The speed of a treadmill can be adjusted to stimulate running walking, jogging or sprinting, either on a horizontal level; or on an inclined level such as climbing uphill. In order to improve your balance and coordination; just move your arms forwards and backwards; while keeping the elbows at a 90 degree angle around your hips.

Normally, the precise amount of calories burned depends on various factors such as the age, weight, gender, intensity and duration of the workout. However, the specific body weight and muscle mass of a person are the main aspects that determine the number of calories utilized while training with both the rower and the treadmill.

Let us take an example of a person weighing 130 pounds and performing a 30 minute workout. An effective treadmill workout will burn 80 to 150 calories while walking; and 250 to 650 calories while running, as per the speed. While the rowing workout, will utilize 200 to 250 calories. Hence, the rowing machine burns more calories, compared to walking on a treadmill; but less while running. Thus you can select either the treadmill or the rower to stay fit and achieve your fitness goals.

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