Traditional Exercise Equipments that can be Replaced With Kettlebell

How do people consider the Need for Exercise in olden days?

In olden days several history records show that exercise was purely meant for armed force, soldiers and sports people. However, on the other hand, fitness had been a matter of concern for men, who seriously involve in hunting, expedition, fishing, boating, mountaineering, etc. Those people followed fitness exercises that suit their profession and focus.

Equipments for Fitness Used in 1950s

Treadmill had been in existence since 1960 and it was designed by William Staub, a Mechanical Engineer, rowing machines was in usage since 1871 and it was found to offer excellent foot stretch fitness, dumbbells remained the first form of weight resistance physical trainer. These are some of the ancient exercise equipments which were changed into different forms with more convenience added.

The real secret behind Weights

Weight equipment had been in later 1950s in two forms such as free weights and weight machine. Free weights which were used in ancient times were made either of stone or hard and heavy metals. Later by considering the risks in weight lifting there had been a great transformation in designing heavy components for exercise and kettlebell is one of its outcomes.

Influence of Traditional Weight lifting in Olympic Games

Weight equipments were not available in simplified form when we trace the history of fitness equipments several years back. The concept of weight began from weight lifting and resistance training given during Olympic Games by Greeks and it was one of the oldest exercise practices of ancient times.

First From of Traditional Weight Components

Dumbells were the major weight training equipment of those days and it was slowly replaced by smaller form of weights including barbells, kettlebells, and many more innovative forms of components.

Kettlebell Origin

Kettlebell or handy weights bears Russian origin where it was applied in the form of simple weights for measuring various things. It is considered as a symbol of prestige for Russians as when its application was focused on exercise it was Russian armed forces that tested the effectiveness of kettlebell as an exercise tool.

Replacing Kettlebells

When comparing to heavy lifting physical trainers, dumbbells can be considered as the exact alternative for kettlebells. However, dumbbell is relatively heavier and only expertise sports people can make use of it. On the other hand latest form of flexible weights is designed to suit both professionals as well as fitness conscious people.

Universal Weight Resistance Training

Among the several types of heavy lifting components, kettlebells prove to be flexible, convenient, and available in different levels to match the requirement of beginners as well as the experienced. When it comes to risky face of heavy lifting, this flexible lifting equipment is absolutely safe and less risky.

Buying Perfect Fitness Components

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Dumbbells were found to be the ancient forms of heavy lifting or weight equipment that can be replaced for flexible lifting component. However, when compared to the later it is quiet risk as only experienced professional can handle dumbbells safely.

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