Top 3 Cardio Equipments to Improve Your Overall Health

Recently there is a growing awareness amongst both men and women to remain fit. Hence many people perform suitable exercises, using various fitness machines such as the cardio equipment. You can do several types of cardio workouts using a variety of cardio equipments. The cardio training usually involves a repetitive movement of the major body muscles with little or no resistance.

Cardiovascular exercises basically help to lose weight, strengthen your heart and lungs, increase your body stamina and maintain general health. Therefore cardio workouts should be included in your daily workout program. You can perform cardio exercises by utilizing different cardio equipments, during the same training session; or use a particular cardio machine during one session, and another type of cardio equipment in the next workout session.

The top 3 cardio equipments to improve your overall health include the treadmill, exercise bike and cross trainer. It is advisable to incorporate these cardio equipments into your cardio workout as per your fitness needs. In order to obtain the best results, you should exercise for at least 30 minutes, three to four days a week; by either joining a local gym or just train yourself at home.

The treadmill is a popular cardio machine because it helps to replace the outdoor exercise of running or walking, particularly during adverse climates. It is the best equipment for people who are exercising for the first time; since walking on the treadmill is the ideal way to get started with a cardio program.

Walking on a treadmill is a typical weight bearing activity that assists to build your bones and muscles. Moreover, since it is a comparatively low-impact machine it is tolerable by most of the people and appropriate for everyone. Besides this the treadmill is also an efficient calorie burner. To use the treadmill more effectively, you need to run at different intensities.

Nowadays, various exercise bikes are available. You can use an upright bike, to get the feeling of riding a real conventional bicycle; as your body leans slightly forwards. While on the recumbent bike you can sit comfortably in the bucket seats, lean backwards and cycle with your legs in the front.

Anyway, these different exercise bikes, place less stress on your joints compared to the other cardio equipments. The recumbent bike is perfect for people with low back problem or joint pain in the lower spine; as well as for individuals who are learning cycling; because it provides better back support. Exercise bikes are great calorie burners; on an average you can burn 250 calories within a 30 minute cycling workout.

Cross trainers are also referred as elliptical trainers. They are ideal for people who like to walk or run, but do not wish to stress their joints. Low-impact cross trainer is the best alternative for the treadmill; and for individuals exercising for the first time, as well as for people with knee or leg injuries. It is a good calorie burner and trains the upper and lower body simultaneously.

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