Tips on How to Use Stationary Exercise Bikes

Stationary exercise bikes have gained immense popularity amongst fitness fans throughout the world. This is because you can also ride these bikes indoors during adverse climates. Hence you no longer have to skip a workout due to the extreme weather outdoors. An exercise bike enables you to perform a great cardio workout. It also helps people with joint problems to easily do an aerobic exercise. So, if you want to workout using an exercise bike, you should first choose an appropriate bike. You can either use the upright bike or the recumbent bike. In the first case, you just have to ride the upright bike like the road bicycle; whereas you have to simply lean back on the recumbent bike and keep your legs in front to push the pedals. You should then decide to exercise at home or visit a gym. Anyway, it is very important for all users to understand how to use stationary exercise bikes. The following tips are provided so that you can use them appropriately.

1- First of all you need to properly adjust your exercise bike. Thereafter you should opt for a workout as per your health objectives.

2- Next it is recommended that users should wear bike shorts that are padded. Another alternative is to fasten a gel pad on the bike seat, so that you feel more comfortable.

3- Further, you should also adjust the resistance of the stationary exercise bike according to your strength. You should take care that it is just hard enough for you to ride easily and sweat normally. Do not keep the resistance so hard that you get tired soon, and feel totally exhausted.

4- In case you prefer to perform interval training, you need to adjust the resistance in such a way that, you can also carry out an intense workout. Besides you should also use the stationary exercise bike by decreasing the resistance; and by having sufficient rest at regular periods.

5- It is also better to move the pedal at a steady rate throughout your workout. You should also avoid moving the ankles while exercising.

6- Moreover, it is always advisable to start by warming up and end by cooling down. Basically, you should start exercising at a slow speed and gradually increase the speed as well as the resistance after riding the bike for a few minutes.

Finally, when you want to end the training session, slow down the bike and also decrease the resistance in order to lower down your heart rate.

8-You can also listen to your favorite music, or watch popular TV shows and latest videos, to avoid getting bored while exercising.

9- Besides, if you are exercising on an electronic bike you can select a suitable program. It also enables you to set the duration of the exercise, keep track of your heart rate, and fix the resistance level.


Implementing these tips will help you to properly use the stationary exercise bikes and also gain maximum possible results.

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