Tips for Choosing the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Nowadays many people prefer to exercise using a recumbent bike since it places the rider in a semi reclined position. The legs can be positioned horizontal to the ground and the back is supported by the seat. It provides excellent lower back support compared to the spin exercise bike which is used at many commercial and home gyms. And the adjustable recline of recumbent bikes enables the user to sit comfortably at a suitable angle. A recumbent bike workout helps to strengthen the hamstring, thighs and gluteals.

Further, you should consider some key factors before you decide to purchase a recumbent bike. This is due to the fact that buying an exercise bike for a perfect home gym is a long term investment. Basically you should buy a good quality bike as per your needs and budget. Following are some tips for choosing the best recumbent exercise bike. The main points to take care while purchasing a recumbent exercise bike are size, feedback mechanism, resistance, and warranty.

First of all the latest recumbent bikes are adjustable and can easily fit persons of any size. However, it is better to ensure that the chosen bike is suitable for your size and also fits into your exercise room. Secondly go for a recumbent bike that provides a feedback mechanism. It should basically display details related to the speed, distance, and the body’s performance. Some models also show the RPM, heart rate, pulse, calories and fat burned, etc.

The other important factor is the resistance. A recumbent exercise bike is available with various types of resistance. The direct tension resistance utilizes a spinning wheel and brake system in order to apply more tension on the pedals. These types of bikes are mostly low priced and include a friction-based resistance mechanism such as a fabric band brake or calliper. They are very simple to operate and provide relatively few workout options.

Another kind of resistance that is provided in a recumbent bike is the air resistance. It mainly uses variable air pressure speeds for applying resistance to the flywheel.

This type of recumbent bike utilizes a fan to generate resistance. Hence the faster you pedal, the harder is your workout. These bikes are also more durable as there is no friction involved, and the fan even provides a cooling effect.

The next type of resistance is the electro-magnetic or alternator-based resistance.

The magnetic systems use electromagnetic brakes in order to either tightly or loosely control the flywheel against the magnets. It basically makes the recumbent bike much smoother and more silent. This kind of exercise bike mostly includes a predetermined set of training programs and also a heart rate monitoring system. Moreover since a magnetic system is highly sophisticated and even very precise, it is also more expensive.

And the last and important factor to consider is the warranty of the equipment. Usually all recumbent exercise bikes are sold with a wide range of warranties. For instance, the spare parts and labor may be covered for 90 days to 6 months, while the warranty period for the frame may be for a lifetime.

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