Tips for Choosing the Best Boxing Equipment – Boxing Gloves, Boxing Bag

Tips for Choosing the Best Boxing Equipment – Boxing Gloves, Boxing Bag

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. This is actually a violent game that is fought with the fists. It is just impossible to practice or perform without the right boxing equipment. Different kinds of equipment are used in boxing for training and safety purposes. The basic ones are boxing gloves, boxing bag or punching bag, headgear, focus mitts, stand etc.

Boxing Gloves

During boxing sparring practice, the hands and fists need to be protected because these are the body parts that suffer the worst damage while practicing boxing. For this purpose boxing gloves are worn by the boxers. They are used to stabilize the fist area of the boxers against injuries such as the eponymous boxer’s fracture of the fifth metacarpal. Boxing gloves come in different styles and weights and should be selected depending upon the type of training. The speed boxing gloves are usually used by the boxers practicing light bag work with a stand-mounted speed bag. On the other hand, the boxing bag gloves that are specially cushion designed variants of boxing gloves are recommended for protection from scrapes and contusions for the boxers practicing with heavier punching bag, especially for the non sparrers.  For sparrers, there are a special range of sparring gloves available in the market in a size range varying from 14 oz to 20 oz. The modern gloves are equipped with new technology features like intelligent mould structure, ventilation and temperature regulation, high perspiration absorption for comfortable and supple feel. While selecting the boxing gloves one should always look out for these features so that the best gloves can be selected for the maximum comfort & safety. Always take care not to buy the cheap products because most of the cheaper gloves products available in the market are fake and will not offer you the required protection.

Boxing Bags

The basic function of a boxing bag is to bare the continuous punches during routine boxing workouts. Punching bags in various forms are available in the market. They can either be hung from the ceiling or affixed to a stand. They are made from different materials and are available in options such as free standing, speed bags, heavy punching bags and body opponent bags. For those who have to practice both kicking as well as punching should opt for free standing bags as there is foam on these bags that begins close to the base and provides more useable striking surface for kicks. Standing bags are also easy to roll out of the way and therefore will an added convenience if there is a space problem. Many of them think that lighter boxing bags are good for practice but this is not actually true. The lighter bag will sway more which means it will swing back and forth disturbing your punching practice especially if you are practicing some harder stuff. Therefore it is good to go with a heavy punching bag of 60, 70lb higher weight while practicing hard punching techniques. On the other hand if you are using a lighter bag make sure to select a double-end bag because this bag tethers to floor and minimizes the sway during practice. If you are practicing boxing for coordination development and reaction time improvement, then best way would be to use a speed bag or hanging bag. Hanging bags are heavy bags that are suspended from wall mounts or from the ceiling through the use of chains and hooks. These are good for intensive workouts for stamina, strength, body movement, co-ordination, reaction time and overall cardiovascular fitness development. Always select bags made of leather or vinyl materials because these usually last longer and are great for punching with boxing gloves or a bare-fist.

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