Things to Look for While Selecting a Treadmill for a Home Gym

An equipment for walking or running in one place, to help one remain fit, is Treadmill. It  has a  moving platform with a wide conveyor belt and an electric motor  which  allows you to run or walk at a consistent rate at which the belt moves. With the advancements in technology and performance, today the treadmill has become a very popular piece of work out equipment for home use.

A good treadmill is not cheap to buy therefore, it is very important that you know how to select one. There are many different  kind of products  and models available and choosing the best home treadmill can be very difficult.

Check  the features of the unit you select. Keep your personal body shape and workout routine in mind. Pick a unit that will allow you to fit in all the workout options you need, and not add on extra features that you will never turn on.

Select a piece that is easy to use and is guaranteed to last for years. It’s always important to check the warranty to see how long the parts are expected to last and what kind of help you will get in replacing them, if needed. Choose a brand that offers a warranty of  2 – 5 years on the motor. Extended warranties show  that the manufacturers are actually quite confident with the quality of their motor, and are giving you extra assurance that the treadmill will not break down  when you workout. Make sure that the warranty covers every part of the machine including, motor and shocks. Often, the running path is only covered to a certain point.

Decide where you want to place the treadmill and then select the size of the unit according to the space. Select a treadmill for home gym that can easily be moved or folded up when you are not using it.  If you are short, make sure the display panel is not too high for you to see while you are running.

Motor is the most important factor in choosing a  treadmill. More stress and wear and tear are put on the motor than any other part of the machine. Smaller motors are not able to move the belt at higher speeds and are more likely to wear out than those with a large, powerful motor inside. The higher the horse power, the greater the intensity allowed for a workout. Thus, if you are a runner, pick a treadmill with at least 2.0 horse power.

Shock absorbing system is another important feature to check while selecting a treadmill. One of the advantages of running on a treadmill versus running on the road is comparatively the low impact to your joints. A treadmill that has inferior shocks  can actually be worse than running or walking on the road. Always wear good cushioned running shoes even when on a treadmill.

When you choose a treadmill make sure you pick a unit that is high in quality and does not cost you a fortune.

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