Things to Consider While Working Out on a Treadmill

Everyone in the world today knows the benefits of exercising and therefore are looking out for various ways through which they can keep this going for a healthy and fit body. Some opt for natural exercises like yoga or aerobics while few go for exercising on the machines. No doubt that a number of exercise machines are available in the market today but the treadmill still rules. Treadmill is one of the best and most widely used exercise equipment that can be found in almost every commercial or home gym.  The reason for this is wide list of benefits which an individual gets by exercising on a treadmill. Undoubtedly a treadmill exercise will shape your body, burn your calories, improve your cardio fitness and give you the ultimate wholesome fitness you are looking for. But to get the best of these benefits it is really important to consider a few things while working out on a treadmill. They are as follows.

Exercising with a proper strategy or plan is important. Keeping on walking or running on the treadmill at constant pace for hours will not help. You need to plan proper duration, speed of your work out. Initially look out for a slow start with a minimum speed like 2 to 3 miles per hour till you warm up for 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually increase the pace a little higher within short durations of time. For a beginner it is always better to start out with low speed small duration workouts for few days in beginning.

Try to work out on the treadmill with at least 1 percent incline level at a point of time because this will force your body to work harder helping you burn out more calories. So for those who are looking for weight loss through treadmill workouts it is often suggested to set their exercise equipment at higher inclined levels.

Distance you cover is really important while you workout on a treadmill for weight loss. The longer or farther you go during your treadmill workout, the more calories you burn. However the time and intensity also play a crucial role in this but as secondary factors. Too much intensity may sometimes cause injuries and show adverse effects on your body while being too slow will not give you the required results. Therefore a balanced intensity workout for larger distances is better.

Going with interval training can really help to improve your heart fitness level. So once you have built time of workouts on a treadmill better plan it for interval training. Do this by adding some incline or speed to the workout.

Check out your fitness levels at regular intervals to make sure that you are progressing with time. Record your heart rate at different grades and speeds after a set amount of time. Initially you will see the number rising higher but after a few months when these numbers gradually decrease you will know that you are making progress.

Any exercise to be most effective it is very important to stick at it for a longer duration of time. A single episode of exercise will do absolutely nothing especially when the workout is planned for issues like weight loss or muscle gain. So sticking with your workout on treadmill is really important to witness its maximum benefits. 5 days a week for a treadmill workout is the best way of exercising on a treadmill for wholesome fitness.

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