The Most Essential Exercise Equipments Required to Set Up a Home Gym

Nowadays, many people prefer to exercise at home using various equipments. However, while selecting a training machine for your home gym, it is better to first use some simple components like the free weights. And then move to the advanced equipments such as the multi station machine. You can thereafter increase the number of equipments, when your fitness level increases.

Anyway, the most essential gym equipments required to set up a home gym should include cardio equipments such as the treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical trainer, rowing machines, etc.; as well as strength machines such as the adjustable dumbbells, Olympic barbells, flat / incline /decline benches, power rack, etc.

Treadmills: Many fitness enthusiasts enjoy walking and running outdoors. However, it may not be possible during severe climatic conditions. Hence the treadmill is the perfect alternative to workout at home. If you are a fresh exerciser, walking on the treadmill is also the best way to initiate an aerobic workout. A well functional treadmill has a rotating track and safety rails on both the sides. It is equipped with a LCD panel which displays your speed, time, incline and heart rate. This even helps to observe your progress and adjust your workouts accordingly.

Stationary Bikes: A wide range of bicycles for home use are now readily available in the market. Some bikes are upright, while the others are recumbent. Anyway both recumbent and upright bikes are comparatively more comfortable then rest of the cardio equipments. They are less strenuous on the joints, and are easy to use once you get used to sitting in the saddle for a long duration. You need to lean your body slightly forward on the upright bike and they provide the feeling of riding a real road bike. And the recumbent bike is very useful for people suffering from low back pain. It offers additional back support since you can lean back and cycle comfortably with your feet in the front.

Elliptical Trainers: These are also known as cross trainers and work both the arms and legs together, yet in a relatively less coordinated manner. They are low impact machines and hence suitable for persons with lower limb problems such as arthritic knees. The arm action builds your upper body muscles and the legs movement tones the lower body. The elliptical cross trainer is good calorie burner and helps to enhance your aerobic fitness.

Adjustable Dumbbells: The adjustable dumbbells comprise of two short bars and several weight plates which can be clamped on the bars. They are economical and space saving equipments and permit to easily add and remove weight plates as required. In fact you can perform a broad range of exercises for each and every body part simply by using a pair of dumbbells.

While the final choice is a matter of personal liking, it is advisable to ensure that the home gym equipment you select is according to your fitness goal and fitness level. Moreover it should also be within your budget limits and adjustable as your fitness improves.

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