The Kettlebell Swing – An Experimental Analysis

For a successful workout research has shown that various considerations need to be made. In the kettlebell workouts, it is important to consider the strategy to avoid too much movement without sufficient workouts .These factors include;

  • Range of motion of the joints
  • The strength utilized in the line of movement
  • Flexibility of the movement
  • The metabolic acquired comfort while working out
  • Regularity of the action

The kettlebell swing action

There are two classes of the kettlebell swing action which are the Russian swing and the American swing. The difference between the two is basically the height of the lift. The Russian lift only goes up to the eye level while the American swing goes all the way up above the head. The idea behind the American lift is to lengthen the line of movement .This is because the half lift seems neurologically incomplete and the movement being a half lift, not all power is utilized in the half movement thus the American swing is deemed more suitable.

Work Output of the Kettlebell Swing

The power output is directly proportional to the intensity of the workout. The effectiveness of the American swing is thus brought about by doing more work in less time as well as moving more load to a further distance at a lesser time.

Comparison of the Asian swing to the American swing

Swinging the kettlebell the American swing (to overhead) results to nearly twice the range of movement as compared to the Russian stroke which goes only to the eye level. Thus, a person doing the Russian stroke will have to do twice the rate to expend power equal to the American swing.

Power Intensity and Measurements with a Heart Rate Monitor

According to confessions from various athletes who have tried both the Russian and the American swing, the general confession is that it is twice as hard and more effective in muscle development. A heart rate monitor was included in the experiment to have a factual basis of the intensity of the exercise.

The American swing generated 25% beats per minute more on average than the Russian swing kettlebell exercises. This analysis is based on the displacement of the load vertically, rate of repetition of the motion and perceived effort as the main influences of the heart rate and the intensity of the workout.

The natural frequency and range of motion for the kettlebell swing

Research done on the American kettlebell swing concluded that it is 85 %more effective than the Russian swing. The Russian swing has a natural frequency of 47 strokes/ minute while the American swing is forty. The range of motion of the Russian swing is approximately 3.75 feet while that of the American swing is 6.5 feet. For more visit at


The kettlebells and their related workouts have had quite a fair amount of research into their effectiveness. The development of the American swing on the kettlebells has proved effective and brought in new ideas in maximizing the benefits of the kettlebells.

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