The Kettlebell – Less Explored Exercise Equipment

As derived from its name, is fitness equipment that resembles the shape of a kettle. In contrast with the drum bells the balance of the mass is away from the point of handling for easier activities of swinging. The equipment is useful in fitness programs of strength building, grip enhancing, lower back exercises, shoulder movements, and general muscles toning. Fitness regimes using kettlebells are wholesome and involve continuous repetition of a similar act to enhance muscles associated with this move.

Typical movements of the kettlebells fitness exercises include snatch, clean, jerk and the swing .These type of fitness work utilizes several muscles at the same time. This mode of exercise results in a combination of aerobics, cardio, squats, and rolling machine exercises involving all major muscles therefore able to burn calories faster. Care should be exercised while doing the kettlebell exercises especially for individuals with back problems, or core problems.

Classic Colour kettlebells

The Low Usage of the Kettlebell

Despite their effectiveness in calories reduction the kettlebells have not been widely used .This could be attributed largely to information asymmetry or rather marketing system of the kettlebells. However in today’s world they have gained popularity in the commercial as well as private fitness centers. Also, lack of specific target muscles for action has contributed to their unpopularity.

The Kettlebells should not be Ignored

The benefits of little bells are many and varying and their usage can be applied to all fitness stages, genders and ages. Some of the obvious benefits of these equipments include:

  • Complete body conditioning; while working out using this exercise equipment the body is able to ’’learn’’ to function in synergy hence greater output.

  • The workouts yield greater results as compared to single muscle workouts hence better calories loss and time utilization.

  • The body develops greater resistance to injuries.

  • The fitness systems of the body coordinate between aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

  • There is improved motion and increased abilities.

  • It is especially recommended for female exercises because of their ability to increase strength without necessarily increasing the body size and mass. No bulkiness.

Kettlebells For Athletes & Professionals

Performance in sporting is enhanced and improved from the resulting agility from kettlebell fitness regimes. This is essentially due the increased energy levels and reduced mass giving the body extreme tolerance to continuous athletic activity. The muscles do not suffer exhaustion due to the improved metabolism, respiration and repayment of the oxygen debt.

For the common person this fitness equipment is valuable in terms of increased output of physical activity. Routine physical tasks for home become easily accomplished, as well physical fitness of the body systems. There are many more benefits of the kettlebell fitness machine and every gym is adopting the equipment.


Kettlebells are body fitness equipment that originated from the Russian nations. Their adaptation as gym equipment has been very slow due to reasons such as marketing challenges. There was the reserve of the military. The equipment is very effective for overall body toning of muscles without increasing the body mass. Use of the machine the improves the  body metabolism  through  aerobic and anaerobic respiration and even Synergizing of the body muscles for greater output .The exercise equipment is suited for all gender and fitness level, athlete professionals and even the common man. More and more techniques of using the fitness machine are being discovered and its popularity is increasing.

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