Steps to Consider for Using Gym Equipments

These days, people utilize a wide range of gym equipments in order to lose weight, tone muscles, improve strength, and maintain overall fitness of their body. The equipments which are commonly used for increasing the muscular strength and stamina include weights, dumbbells, exercise balls, etc; while equipments like treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, etc; are utilized to enhance aerobic fitness and cardiovascular health. Regardless of the kind of machine used, one should consider the following steps for using various gym equipments. First of all you should do a warm up for 5 to 10 minutes, in order to stretch your muscles and get your heart pumping. This can be done by simply jogging outdoors, or stretching your hands and legs indoors.

Using Strength Training Equipments

To start with you should adjust the backrest and seat of the gym equipment as per your height. You should then understand the instructions given on the machine to know the muscles used; and the appropriate way to safely use the gym equipment. Secondly, before using the weight equipment you should perform a short warm up. Moreover, you can even use any cardio equipment or some other light weight gym equipment for doing around 15 repetitions, in order to prepare your body for the physical activity. Next you should also carry out about 12 repetitions of each exercise till you get tired. Actually the number of repetitions can vary depending on the type of exercise and the fitness level of the individual. Thereafter you can gradually increase the amount of weights, every month to gain strength accordingly. Besides this, it is better to utilize the strength training equipments at least twice a week to obtain the maximum advantages. You should also change your workouts every four weeks using various types of weight equipments. Moreover, you should execute each exercise through a full range of motion, in order to keep your joints healthy and thereby avoid joint problems.

Using Cardiovascular Equipments

While using cardiovascular equipments such as the treadmill, you should initially keep your feet firmly on the boards, instead of placing them on the conveyor belt. Then just press the start button or choose a program to start the treadmill belt. It is advisable to start the treadmill at a slow speed, and then carefully step on the slow moving belt, and thereafter adjust the settings as required. Generally you should do an aerobic workout for approximately half an hour. However, in case you want to lose weight, you should perform the aerobic workout for about one hour. Further, while using the elliptical trainer you should place your feet within the foot plates. You should then start pedaling to activate the equipment. Thereafter you can simply choose a suitable training program from the console; or manually adjust the resistance level and incline as required. Performing a cardio workout for 30 minutes will help to improve your cardio fitness. However, if you want to lose weight, it is better to carry out your aerobic routine for 60 minutes.

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