Stay Healthy and Fit with Exercise Bikes

Ride Exercise Bikes to Stay Healthy

There are a number of benefits of cycling. According to research it has been found that person who does 15 minutes of cycling everyday can burn off nearly 11 pounds of fat a year and will possess the lowest risks of getting heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Statistics show that among the cyclists, even those who only travel short distances the death risk is 22 per cent lower as compared to those who do not cycle at all. In the earlier days when cycle was the only means of transport, most of the people used cycles to travel and therefore remained fit and fine as their bodies got the required exercise knowingly or unknowingly through cycling. But with totally occupied lifestyles of the present day, increased standards of living and rapidly developing transport technologies, now-a-days people are opting for convenient and faster means of transport like bikes and cars and have no time to cycle.

The exercise bikes have therefore been designed solely for this purpose so that people of the present day who get no chance of cycling in their routines can conveniently exercise for some time on the stationary exercise bikes and stay fit and fine while getting all the benefits of cycling. Riding an exercise bike is said to be the best way to provide your body with that very much required aerobic exercise along with bodybuilding supplements. Aerobic exercise will greatly increase your blood circulation and will boost up the transport rate of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. It will elevate your body’s metabolism rate thus helping you burn off all those extra calories at rapid rate in few minutes which you had consumed with chocolate bar, sweets or alcoholic drink.

Riding on an exercise bike indoors provides a low-impact form of exercise which is very easy on the knees, hips and back as compared to the outdoor cycling which is relatively a high impact exercise that can cause problems like joint pains when done heavily. When rode briskly, it will burn off your extra pounds at much faster rate not only while exercising but also after the sometime you have stopped cycling. The impact of exercise will still remain after few minutes as you will continue burn off your calories with elevated metabolism for sometime after exercise. For example 20 minute brisk exercise bike ride will burn off fat for 40 minutes. Therefore exercising on exercise bike is truly a great solution for rapid weight loss that will help you stay in shape easily and safely for a long time without side effects. This is also a great way to reduce stress and depression and to get relief from negative symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It increases HDL, the good cholesterol and reduces the amount of triglycerides in your blood thereby improving your cardiovascular health, which means a reduced chance of heart blockage and heart strokes.

With such enormous benefits of cycling, exercise bikes today have become one of the most important requirements of all fitness training ventures, whether a commercial gym or a home gym. Exercise bikes today are available in more affordable prices and therefore are being possessed by most of the people for a convenient means of exercising at home with other gym equipments like cross trainer, treadmills, kettlebells and boxing equipment for boxers.. With an exercise bike in your home you can conveniently exercise while listening to music or watching TV and burn off all those unnecessary calories in few minutes without getting bored. The exercise bikes today are available in different styles for a choice according to one’s requirements. There are recumbent bikes, upright bikes and spinner exercise bikes all equipped with user friendly features and options which can be adjusted for the most comfortable and stress free exercise that suits your requirements the best. So select an exercise bike for yourself according to your requirements and get exercising to stay at pinkest of your health.

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