Smith Machine for Full Body Workout

A smith machine is a metal frame just like a power rack which allows barbell to be lifted in a vertical position. Unlike a power rack, the smith machine has adjustable safety stops which prevent the barbell from falling down if you start feeling weak. Smith Machine is gym equipment perfect for full body workout and considered as a versatile machine to perform different exercising methods. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the king of body building himself used to have smith machine as the most important part of his training program. A smith machine is designed to increase the safety and efficiency of the body builder using barbell with weights. If you are having a home gym and exercising at home then a smith machine is perfect for you as it is versatile and you need not buy any other gym equipment and secondly, it is safe so even if your fitness instructor is not at home, you alone can manage exercising using a smith machine.  A smith machine is a key to follow safe and effective weight lifting program. It is also a great way to save money as you don’t have to buy any other gym equipment for your home gym as you can do any exercise with vertical lift like bench presses, squats, overhead lifts etc. Exercising with the help of smith machine enables you to target almost all the muscles of your body in one workout and so it is considered just perfect for the full body workout.

History of a Smith Machine

A smith machine is the improved version of a power rack and was invented by Jack La Lanne, a renowned nutritionist and fitness expert in United States. Lot many improvements in smith machine were done by a body builder Rudy Smith in the year 1950. By the end of 1950, the smith machine became so popular that it was being manufactured and distributed worldwide.

Benefits of Using Smith Machine

For some workout enthusiasts, safety is very important and for some body builders, versatility of exercise equipment is important. A smith machine is made for those people only who need versatility and safety in the same fitness equipment. Below given are the benefits of smith machine, you should know before you decide on buying it:-

  • The home gym users may not be having a spotter or fitness instructor with them to guide them or help them while they cry for help. As smith machine is safe and can handle the falling weight bar easily, it is mostly preferred by home gym owners.
  • While exercising on the smith machine, you don’t have to worry about balancing and stabilizing as the machine has those kinds of features which can lock the weight lifter into a particular lifting form and you just need to concentrate on one movement at a time.
  • You can do multiple exercises on this machine and some of them are bench press for the triceps, incline bench press for the chest, squats for your legs, bent over rows for the back etc. So, this machine is versatile for many exercises and so you need not buy many fitness equipments for your home gym, just buy smith machine and get the benefit for exercising for entire body.

Now, if you are impressed with the features and the benefits of a smith machine and would like to buy smith machine for home gym or your fitness centre, visit and choose the best smith machine suiting to your requirements.

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