Smith Machine – Versatile and Convenient Gym Equipment

The Smith Machine is one of the most convenient weight equipment as the design allows you to do several exercises that will help you to get a safe full-body workout. It is considered as the best and the most versatile gym equipment. It targets most of the muscles in the body in one work out.

Using a Smith machine is a wise consideration for your workout as it can deliver visible strength gains.

These machines are easy to control which helps you to concentrate more on your exercise. The movements are smooth and there is no strain or injury to your muscles. A number of exercises can be done with a Smith machine like squats, lunges, shrugs, shoulder presses and bench presses. It depends on the areas of your body you want to build up for strength and muscle.

The Smith Machine consists of a straight bar set in a stationary rack with lock points which prevent the bar from dropping. The regular Smith machine is a mechanical version of the power rack. The mix-Smith machine allows you to mix other exercise equipments like the squat rack or the power cage. It has a low-row-cable and a lat pull-down station. You do not need a spotter to help you to lift weights on a Smith machine.

Smith machines generally have an adjustable bench where you can do flat or incline bench press for the chest, bent over rows for the back and close grip bench press for the triceps. You can do the full range of exercises for the entire body with this machine.

Military press can be done for shoulders very smoothly and also shrugs and upright rows for the trapeziums muscles. The major muscle groups in your lower body including hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves are built up.

This effective fitness equipment designed for safety and efficiency of using a barbell with weights. You can lift the barbell in a vertical movement but only in straight up and down motion. This helps to prevent you from dropping the bar due to exhaustion.

The weight bar, in some models, can be placed high enough to use for pull-ups and low enough to do certain back exercises. Most of the models include blocks, pegs, or other devices which can be adjusted to automatically stop the barbell at a determined minimum height.

There are adjustable safety stops as an additional safety device in many Smith machines.  With this the barbell cannot be lowered beyond a certain point. So even if you accidentally drop the bar it will prevent injury.

You can use Smith machine for any exercise with a vertical lift  like  bench presses, overhead lifts and squats. It is not suitable for lifts where an arc is made such as bicep curls.

Smith Machine is the most important piece of equipment as it gives a smooth all round body workout. For a home gym, a Smith machine is worth considering as it allows you to exercise safely and reduces the risk of injury.

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