Should You Buy Kettlebell for Intensive Workout?

The kettlebell is one of the earliest fitness equipment that is still used by many people in health clubs and home gyms. A kettlebell is basically a cast iron weight with a handle at the top. It has a unique shape that looks like a combination of a cannonball and tea kettle; with a bottom like a bell. This exercise equipment similar to extremely popular dumbbells has been around since the ancient times and has retained its popularity till today; because it helps to train the complete body and maintain overall health.

A kettle bell is a versatile fitness tool, as it develops every muscle of our body, improves the cardiovascular system and also increases our core strength. Normally a kettlebell workout takes only 30 minutes to deliver exceptional strength and stamina. Hence you should definitely buy a kettlebell for an intense workout in a short duration; and enjoy multiple health benefits such as fat loss, muscle gain, and better cardio health. It even assists to increase your alertness and improve body balance.

The kettlebell exercises are equally suitable for both men and women of all ages and all fitness levels. A highly effective workout can be performed in different ways that includes various kettlebell swings and lifts. The kettlebell can be lifted like ordinary weights for gaining strength and training your joints and muscles. You can also swing it around for a great cardio workout.

The swing is a primary exercise that involves the entire body movement. It trains the hip for generating the power required to swing the kettlebell back and forth; while maintaining the spine in its natural curvature. Thus it helps to avoid lower back and hip injuries, builds your endurance and stabilizes the complete body.

A typical kettlebell swing is done by first keeping the kettlebell in front of you, on the ground. You should now stand and keep your legs apart at almost shoulder width. Then you should firmly grab the kettlebell with both the hands and just bend your legs slightly. You can now use your arms to swing the kettlebell, in between the legs by simply bending the upper body forward at your waist. Then exhale and push your hips forward, and bring your chest up.

Now swing the kettlebell in the front, till your arm is almost parallel to the ground, with your knuckles facing up. You should then swing the kettlebell again between your legs and rotate your arms internally; until your thumb faces and comes in between the legs. You can do three sets of 10 to 20 swings. However, do not rotate your back or trunk while performing the workout.

The push press can be performed by standing and keeping your legs, almost shoulder width apart. Then keep the kettlebell on the forearm with your elbow near the centre of your body. Now bend the legs slightly and push them against the ground and lift the kettlebell up over your head. Then lower it down, to your shoulder and repeat three sets 5 to 10 times.

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