Running on Treadmill Vs. Jogging

In the early days, several people performed various outdoor exercises, including running. Whereas, nowadays many individuals prefer to use exercise equipments, including the treadmill, in order to remain healthy. Today jogging outdoors as well as running on a treadmill, is highly popular amongst fitness fans worldwide. However, there are some differences, as described below.


Basically jogging on the street exposes the person to various conditions of the natural environment. Yet some individuals like to run outdoors in the fresh air, in spite of the adverse climate and heavy traffic; while others cannot bear the extreme weather and prefer to run on the treadmill indoors.


Actually jogging outdoors is a cost-effective option. On the other hand, running on a treadmill will incur costs of either the local gym membership fees, or the expenses of purchasing a treadmill to exercise at home. However in both the cases, you will need a pair of comfortable shoes, and loose clothing that can easily absorb moisture. Moreover, using sweat bands will also help to keep the sweat off your body.


Running on the treadmill is definitely safer. While jogging on the road is relatively risky. Joggers need to be careful, especially on the main streets, due to the rapidly moving, dangerous vehicles. Moreover during night time, some vehicle drivers may drive roughly and thus injure the people running outdoors.


People jogging outdoors need to be cautious about the outdoor surfaces that are uneven. They also have to avoid roads with potholes, stones, and any other major blockages. However, many individuals prefer to jog on the smooth roads, and climb hilly areas; since they find it more exciting than running on the treadmill surface. Alternately treadmills have a comfortable and steady surface for running. Besides, it also has settings for adjusting the speed and incline, in order to perform intense workouts as required.


A common grievance of many people running on a treadmill is that they get bored after a period of time. Hence several individuals watch television and listen to music while running on the treadmill. Moreover the latest models of treadmills include programs which can automatically change the incline and speed, and thus provide a variation in your workout. On the other hand, jogging on the road is interesting as it enables you to exercise with your friends, a group, or a pet. Besides you can also choose a new area or a different path; and enjoy jogging outdoors for a long time.


Actually running on a treadmill as well as jogging outdoors; provides a number of health benefits, such as enhancing the cardio system, reducing blood pressure, better lung functioning, and increasing overall fitness. Moreover, running in both the cases, enables you to build all the major muscles of the legs, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Besides, the amount of calories burned, depends on the settings you do on the treadmill; and the roads on which you jog. Hence both ways are beneficial, and it finally depends on your personal choice.

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