Rules To Avoid Injury During Home Gym Workouts

multistation home gymAfter deciding to take charge of your fitness and shape most people end up in failure due to injuries related to work outs. Home fitness exercises are especially prone to these issues due to the fact that there is no guidance on how to go about the exercises. Before starting out on a work out regime there are various considerations that need to be made. These include;

  • Understanding your body: It is important to recognize your body capabilities. If you know that you are weak in certain areas of the body, it is only logical not to put a lot of strain on those weak areas. If you have a weak knee then putting up on a treadmill may intensify the problem.

  • Gender: The body make up of female is different from that of the male and certain types of workouts can lead to injuries. Men workout better on activities with a solid plane of movement such as push ups and weight lifting, while women perform well on transverse plane such as the stair stepper and spinning activities.

  •  Seek advice of a trainer: This guidance is critical as it helps in determining the right workouts for you. Following the appropriate workouts procedure leads to swift development of the muscles and avoiding injuries.

  • One step at a time: This is critical in avoiding fitness related injuries. In most cases we want to exercise too much for a relatively short time. The most affected area of the body is usually the shoulder which if exposed to too much motion, can quickly develop injury.

Rules to follow to avoid injury while working out

  • Warm up: Before starting the home fitness workout, a thorough warm up needs to be done. This is because during the everyday activities the muscles are not active and sudden pressure can cause injuries. Warm up allow gradual application of pressure to the muscles and proper alignment of the tendons and ligaments. Muscles get energized with gradual increase in blood flow and oxygen as well as nutrients during the warm up phase. Warm up can be done using fitness equipments such as the treadmill, elliptical trainer or simple jogging and arm swinging.

  • Uphold proper technique: For an effective home workout, maintaining the appropriate technique is critical for success. If the services of a home trainer are not available, the following are basic guidance.

    • Leaps and squat ;the knees should not go less than 90 degree angle, knees directly above feet and avoid forward leaning.
    • No jerky moves to prevent injury to the elbow or even the shoulder blades.
    • Arms maintained at a slight angle to elbows.
  • Wearing proper training clothes while undertaking workout: Shoes are especially important and should have proper arc hold up as well as properly ventilated. Clothes must be fitting and allow for ventilation.
  • Quality equipments for fitness: Equipment must be in good shape, well lubricated and fit for the intended exercises. The tools should be well calibrated always and in good state of repair. To know more about quality home gym fitness equipments, kindly visit –


While undertaking home fitness exercises it is crucial to follow the appropriate procedures while exercising. Some of the rules to follow include understanding your body’s physiology and setting exercises in accordance with this, seeking the advise of a trainer, ensuring proper warm up before going to strength training, using proper fitness techniques, appropriate clothing and having quality fitness equipments. Following the basic concepts will get you off to a successful fitness program.

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