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Wikipedia defines rowing machine as a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing. Rowing machines are one of the best types of fitness machines if you want to get a full body workout. Besides the superb aerobic benefits, there are many other benefits of using this fitness equipment as well, like this can tone both your upper and lower body and work for all fitness levels.  These machines not only work your arms, but also your back, shoulder, abdomen and even legs.

Rowing machines stimulate the action of rowing on land. Rowing requires rigorous movements of almost all important body parts, from shoulders to toes. They help to tone and shape up the body. You will rarely find a rower with a protruding belly! It is one of the most essential gym equipment for cardiovascular exercise. Rowing machine workouts help to reduce the excessive fats from the upper body regions like arms and back muscles, as well as the lower body parts like thighs and buttocks.While exercising with rowing machine, the whole body gets toned up.They make exercising more exiting. They are great for upper arms and shoulders too.  Rowing machines work on a large group of muscles at a single stretch. Rowing machine helps to strengthen the core muscles.  Since rowing machine requires a lot of movements of the body it helps to burn lot of calories, and thus helps people lose weight faster.

Rowing machine is a low impact fitness machine so no added stress is applied on the knees and elbows. It is very soft on the joints. One can adjust the resistance, as well as the speed of the rowing machine as per the requirements so that the body doesn’t get overstressed. It is a great stress buster if done regularly. Any person can workout with the rowing machine, regardless of age. It actually proves to be a fun as well as healthy exercise. It can be easily installed in a home gym too. All it needs is a good quality rowing machine to enjoy its benefits. Rowing machines are much in use in gyms and immensely popular. A session on a rowing machine is probably the best workout you can get. Rowing machines get top grades for a well-toned body. They exercise practically every single muscle group you have.

The exercise provided by a rowing machine is simply unbeatable. A rowing machine gives you a perfect body workout with ease and comfort.  Rowing machines are considered as the standard equipment for workouts.  They provide over-all fitness more than you can imagine.

People suffering from depression, can do well by using exercise as a way to get out of it.Exercise is one of the few natural outlets that allow us to expend pent-up stress that could lead to serious consequences down the road when left unchecked. Regular exercise will make you a happier and more confident individual.  Row… row…row your boat, row your boat to happiness and lastly, the wonderful lines by ABBA … I have a dream, I cross the stream.

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