Rowing Machine – All-in-One Fitness Equipment for Total Body Workout


A rowing machine can help you gain strength, resistance, flexibility, and balance all at once. Rowing works all four limbs and the torso of the body and it is aerobic, working the cardio-vascular system very effectively. Workout on the rowing machine develops some leg strength as well as upper body and core and promotes good fitness. These machines are good for home gym use as well as for the commercial gyms. There is minimum pressure on the knees and ankles.

With more and more people getting conscious about their health, fitness, and body, the need for fitness equipment is continuously growing. And the more effective the exercise is, the more popular it is. Rowing makes every muscle move and function increasing the amount of body activity. And since it involves all the muscles needed to work, rowing can be classified as a total body workout. Like the actual rowing, exercising on a rowing machine makes the upper and lower body to work. The rowing machine works out the upper body and the lower body at the same time and thus saves the time to do separate exercises and this saves you from the boredom of lengthy exercise schedules.

The movements of rowing require you to move your arms back and forth repetitively increasing circulation to the heart which is great for maintaining a healthy heart. Rowing is suitable for anybody from the incredibly fit to the beginners. It definitely feels like a total body work out and you feel very active. A rowing machine workout routine can benefit pretty much every muscle group in your body at the same time.Rowing machine workouts build and develop every muscle group in the body. Rowing machine workouts also build your muscle strength and stamina. There is very little risk to the knee and the elbow joints as the movement in a rowing machine workout is very fluid. Rowing machines have a good effect on the heart rate of a person and they also give you excellent aerobic workouts. They also make your lungs stronger, aid weight loss and improve muscle mass. A rowing machine workout will target and tone your entire body. A rowing machine will develop a higher metabolism. You burn more calories in a short amount of time by rowing because you engage in a full body workout. The rowing machine tones the muscles of entire body and burns unwanted fats of belly, thighs and arms. Rowing machine works so efficiently that its positive effect can be experienced within a few days of regular exercise with this popular gym equipment. Without making the individual feel that he is doing any exercise, the rowing machine forms biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms amazingly. The rowing machine is an all-in-one fitness equipment. It tones the muscles of body and keeps the individual fresh without causing any painful impact over the body. Rowing machine workout will give you a time out from conventional cardio workouts. A lateral pull makes use of your core, back, and arms to give you the best upper body workout you can get. It may seem like an easy exercise, but it will definitely put your upper body back into shape.

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