Rowing Machine – A Perfect Gym Equipment to Lose Weight

The rowing machine or rower is one of the best exercise equipments. It is used for a full body workout, as it trains all the major muscle groups such as the arms, legs, butts, back, abdominals and thighs. A versatile rowing machine actually simulates the motion of rowing a boat. The upper body motion replicates the movement of an oar against the water resistance; while the lower body motion involves bending and straightening the knees during the upper body movement.

This type of exercise targets the back, biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings. And the core, abdomen and lower back muscles, help to maintain the body posture during the rowing action. The settings on a rowing machine can increase or decrease the resistance on the muscle groups. A higher setting will assist to increase the muscular strength for all the targeted muscles.

Rowing is basically an aerobic exercise that is beneficial for our cardiovascular system. While exercising the muscles get toned, and the body metabolism increases. Hence it is the ideal way to burn more fat. The main benefit of a rowing machine is that it enables the body to lose weight through an effective aerobic exercise. It is also a fact, that the users of a rowing machine do not gain body weight easily.

Hence, the rowing machine is considered as the perfect home gym equipment to lose weight. Moreover, rowing is a regarded as a non-weight bearing exercise, so the body weight is not a limiting factor. It is also equipped with various resistance levels for increased intensity. Rowing mainly targets the core muscles, and the chest and shoulder muscles. And since majority of the body parts are involved while using a rowing machine, the body metabolism is greatly stimulated, and thus lots of energy is burned as fat and calories. Click here to know more about rowing machine.

Further, the rowing machine has the capacity to burn more fat than the usual when compared to a regular spin bike or a treadmill. Hence it is reputed as one of the best gym equipments that you can use in order to shed weight and also enhance your cardio health. The rowing machine is very effective in losing weight since it utilizes the major muscles of both the upper and lower body. A rowing machine primarily offers a low-impact, workout. This helps to reduce the fat deposits in the upper and lower body, increase the heart rate, enhance the heart and lung functions, and tone the body.

Although some people have either forgotten or avoided the rowing machine, it is still the best equipment for reducing body weight. The rowing action tones and strengthens the inner and outer thighs, the gluteus, arms, and back. It is also one of the few exercises that provide aerobic conditioning as well as strength conditioning. Moreover, workouts executed on rowing machines are smooth, rhythmic movements that are actually impact-free and risk-free. It should be noted that while rowing at a moderate pace, a person weighing 155 lbs will burn 520 calories per hour. Whereas rowing at a faster speed, that person will burn 632 calories per hour.

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