Reduce Prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases and Hypertension Through Simple Kettlebell Workout Routines

Cardiovascular diseases and hypertension are mainly caused by lack of exercises and obesity. The prevalence of these diseases can be reduced by taking specialized Kettlebell workout routines aimed at lowering body fats.

Kettlebell Cardio Workout Routines

There are many Kettlebell workout routines developed by physicians and sport science experts. These routines target specific musculoskeletal muscles and can also be done to reduce weight and prevalence of cardiovascular diseases.

Common Kettlebell cardio routines incorporate warm up, high exhaustion cardio routine and slow down. Common warm up routines include; chest stretch, arm circles, jumping jacks and rope jumping.  This is then followed by rapid repetitions of cardio exercises which include; single arm swing, high pulls, clean and press, alternating arm swing and snatches.  For high performance, these exercises should be repeated rapidly. Other cardio exercises include; squats (overhead squats, thrusters, squat kicks), swing workout, slingshot and push presses.

How Kettlebell Cardio Workout Routines Improve Health and Reduce Cardiovascular Diseases

Kettlebells workout routines performs the function of both treadmills and dumbbells.  They enable an individual to build strength and also improve aerobic capacity. These two functions are crucial in weight loss and in building agility. They can be used for intense cardio exercises which improve the health of an individual’s heart.

While the weight in a dumbbell is distributed at the center of the grip, Kettlebells center of gravity is not fixed. This throws an individual’s body out of balance and many body muscles are used to regain balance. This results to the dynamic movement of the body which boosts flexibility.

Specialized Kettlebell Training Programs for Reducing Hypertension

Kettlebell exercises reduce hypertension by assisting individuals lose weight. These balls are adequate weight training devices. Studies have shown that Kettlebell training routines are equivalent to vigorous running or jogging which burns body fats. Kettlebells are very effective in reducing the blood pressure in non hypertensive and hypertensive people.

Most Kettlebells exercises that target weight loss are intense and result to rapid exhaustion.  Interval training is particularly very effective as they involve intense work out for a period of 20-30 minutes.

Advantages of Kettlebells Workout As Compared to Other Workout Routines in Reducing Cardiovascular Diseases

Studies have shown that Kettlebells DVD are more effective as compared to weight lifting and treadmill routines. 20 minutes of intense training with Kettlebells burns more calories as compared to 1 hour on treadmill and weight lifting exercises.  Kettlebells have also be shown to be equivalent to rigorous jogging or cycling and produce the same effects.

In addition, Kettlebells throw the body of center and this result to dynamic movement of body as it regains balance. This increases the body strength, flexibility and endurance while lowering fats and calories.


Kettlebells workout routines are suitable for reducing cardio vascular diseases and hypertension. These exercises are very dynamic and they reduce body fats thus lowering prevalence of diseases caused by obesity.

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