Recumbent Bikes – Great Cardio Workout and Strengthen Your Lower Body with Recumbent Exercise Bike


A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position.  The rider is seated in a supine position, that is an upward facing position. The pedals are located at about the same height as the seat and there is a support provided for the back. This makes for a very comfortable riding. The handlebars are located at shoulder level, above the seat or below the seat at a convenient location, and allow your arms to hang down naturally. Recumbent bikes are specially designed and work just like regular bikes but the seating position is different. The saddle here is more like a chair seat which allows you to recline back in a recumbent position with your legs ahead of you. They put less strain on the back areas and give more support, and your body weight on a recumbent bike is also spread across the seating area more widely as it is bigger than a standard saddle.

This is one workout that gives a great deal of gain without the pain.For those who include it in a regular workout, the benefits are great. A recumbent exercise bike is comfortable. It can provide an effective no-impact aerobic workout, without placing strain on the knees, hips and back. They are a good buy for home gym too. On a recumbent exercise bike, you get to sit flat, lean back against the back rest of the seat, with your feet out in front of you. You don’t have to hunch forward, your hands and arms are free, and your weight is distributed the same way it is on a regular chair.A recumbent bike is a great way to take the strain off of your joints. This is because your feet are more at the same level with your body rather than lower.

You get a great cardio workout and strengthen your lower body. Both men and women can easily use recumbent bikes, and they are great for people of all fitness levels. It is easy to watch TV or even read a magazine while using a recumbent bike. And the more entertained you are, the more you can take your mind off of your workout, and the longer you will be able to work out. Recumbent exercise bikes take weight off your legs than upright exercise bikes do. Because the comfort level is greater you are able to exercise for longer periods of time. A recumbent bike gives you benefits that make it one of the best choices you could make when you go to the commercial gym or are looking for a great piece of exercise equipment to stay in shape at home. It is fitness equipment that can revitalize your workout while ensuring that you are safe and comfortable as you are toning muscles and losing weight.

The motion of the bike can make for an intense workout, but the position of the seat and the extension of your legs allow you to get that workout by remaining in a natural, comfortable position.On a recumbent exercise bike, you can get a great workout and ride to health in total comfort!

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