Punching Bag – What to Look for and How to Buy a Boxing Bag?

A boxing punching bag, can give a total workout to your body. It is a good workout equipment. Before buying a punching bag, make sure that the bag you are buying is the proper one for you. It might seem simple to finalize your purchase of the punching bag, but there are quite a few choices in the market.

Free standing punch bags  are a bit heavier in weight than other such bags. They are kept upright on the floor and are perfect for hitting punches and kicks and to strengthen your leg muscles. They are usually not as firm as a heavy bag. The base of these bags can be filled with sand or water. You can slide the bag part over the base and the bag can be moved to any location.

A heavy punching bag hangs from a beam or a bar above the ground with the bottom somewhere near your waist. They provide a good sway which make you move fast and in the process give your body a full workout.  These are available in various sizes and are usually made of leather or similar material and are very firm to the punch. The thick layer of leather is kind to the hands and wrist when punching the bag. If you are serious about a good heavy workout then buy a leather heavy boxing bag as these are designed to take a serious amount of strikes and kicks.

Most of these bags are filled with cloth and torn up rags. You can fill it with foam or even use foam throughout the bag to adjust the firmness. Filling the bag  with sand is not a good choice as it can feel like cement when you punch it. Some heavy bags are filled with fiber or with water also. For a hard workout session for your hands and other parts of the body, a hard fiber filled bag will be ideal.

Mannequin like punching bags come in two types, one  is shaped like a human with a head, two arms, a torso and two legs while the other type has only the legs or the upper body portion with a head, but no arms and it has a  base like the freestyle bags. The strikes and kicks can be targeted with these bags as they offer features to target on the face and body. These are good for developing timing and targeting.

Once you have decided to get in shape with a punching bag buy a good quality bag that has the stamp of a reputed punch bag maker. Be careful about the weight of the punch bag, it should not be too heavy or too light. Very light bags will move faster and the ones that are very heavy will not move at all. There is a danger of injury with a bag that is heavier than your own body weight. A very hard bag can harm your bones or tendons. Buy a bag that is not heavier than 100 pounds but again it varies from person to person.

So go for a bag that fits your needs the most.

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