Precautions One should take while Handling Body Solid Gym Equipments

All users are advised to take the following precautions while handling Body Solid gym equipments.

1. First of all it is essential to consult a physician before utilizing any exercise equipment. This is mandatory especially for people above 35 years, and for individuals who already have any health problem.

2. Secondly before using any exercise equipment you should properly read all the instructions related to that particular machine. These instructions are provided in order to ensure the safety of the user, and also to protect the machine from getting damaged.

3. Further, small kids should not be permitted to use these exercise equipments. This is especially necessary while exercising at home, because your child may fall down from the machine and thus get injured.

4. It is recommended to utilize the exercise equipment exclusively for the specific purpose; as explained in the user manual of that particular machine.

5. Further you should never use the accessories that are not suggested by Body Solid. In fact using any attachment which is not recommended is likely to cause accidents and may seriously injure the user.

6. Moreover it is necessary to wear suitable clothing and appropriate shoes while exercising. This is due to the fact that, if you wear improper or loose clothing it might get entangled in the exercise equipment during the workout. And the user may even get hurt while getting on, or getting off the machine.

7. Besides this you should never over strain your body while exercising. Similarly do not exercise until you are completely tired. In case you feel exhausted and experience any pain, or notice any kind of unusual symptoms in your body; you should instantly stop using that exercise equipment and contact your doctor without any delay.

8. Further you should never use damaged exercise equipments. It is better to keep away from a machine that is not functioning properly. Such equipments must be immediately sent to the service center of Body Solid for proper examination, and get it repaired by expert technicians.

9. Moreover you should avoid dropping or inserting any kind of object into any openings found on the exercise equipment. It is also recommended to thoroughly check the exercise machine including the pulleys, connection cables, etc. before using it. This will help to ensure that the equipment is in good operating condition; and all the attachments and cables are properly fastened. Thus the user will be secured from any possible injuries caused due to any loose parts of the machine.

10. It is advisable to always use these exercise equipments indoors. Besides this you should avoid using them near slippery surfaces, and on wet floorings.

11. Further it is essential to regularly maintain the exercise equipment as advised by Body Solid; to keep it in proper working condition. This will assure that the machine functions smoothly and lasts longer; and also ensure a safe and comfortable workout.

Hence one should always take the above mentioned precautions while handling Body Solid gym equipments.

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