Power Racks to Build Muscles & Strength


Power RackPower racks are a must-have for any gym. A power rack is a piece of fitness equipment for weight lifting. Imagine the convenience of being able to perform squats with power rack, bench presses, dead lifts, and more using just one machine! These fitness or power racks allow the user to perform almost all the most important exercises in any bodybuilding program. The power rack is basically an open metal cage, with four vertical beams positioned in a square and two horizontal bars on opposing sides of the square which can be placed at differing, but always equal, heights.

The use of fitness racks has three major advantages: safety, ease of use, and versatility. They can be used in the comfort of your own home. Power racks are easy to use in building muscle and strength with squats and you can use them to do bench presses with power rack, inverted rows, pull ups. Chin-ups, rack pulls, and dips as well. Power racks are structured to hold weight lifting bars to enable the user to lift them from different positions to target various muscle groups. A typical power rack comes with two vertical bar holders, a safety spot bar, a pull-up bar, and hook bar catches. They can be configured in a number of ways for lifters to perform all kinds of major lifts and be fitted with attachments to be able to do several other exercises. Fitness racks are tough and sturdy. Power racks give power lifters the ability to work out safely and effectively without a spotter. Power racks will allow you to lift large amounts of weight safely, even without a spotter.  A power rack is an essential exercise tool to have in the home of any avid weight trainer.  It’s like having a partner to train with at your home all the time.

Power racks help you target various ranges of motion and specific muscle areas so that you can focus on those hard to isolate or weaker areas of the body. It is a serious tool for serious bodybuilders, and putting it to good use will help you overcome plateaus in your bench press, squat and even the deadlift, and help you develop more muscle than you ever thought possible. There would be no good powerlifting workout if there wasn’t a power rack. In having a home gym and one of the best possible buys for safety and for training alone is a power rack. It is sturdy as well as able to be used for a wide range of movements. We are able to train with total confidence and peace of mind. We will find is that we have adjustable bars that can lowered or raised depending on what exercise we are performing. Then we are sure that as we lower the bar we are using to train with it can only drop to a certain point. It will then be caught by the rack ensuring our safety. The power rack allows for the weight lifter to have a more natural lift motion.

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