Power Rack – Weightlifting Equipment for Secure Lifting for Weight Trainers


Power racks are pieces of equipment designed to hold weightlifting bars in order to allow weightlifters to lift the bars from different positions. Power racks are usually found in collegiate and professional athletic programs, as well as anywhere there are professional power lifters. Power racks are the backbone of weightlifting equipment. They are available in a multitude of configurations designed to help weightlifters perform all major lifts, while keeping safety in mind.

Power racks work by incorporating pneumatic strength columns. These can be attached to the bar to allow the use of free weights.  Power rack for weightlifting add safety to athletic training programs by ensuring that lifters do not dead lift from the floor. People who traditionally train with power racks report an overall improvement in strength gains and better speed, control, and power. A power rack is stand-alone weight room equipment built to secure weight lifting bars so that the user can lift weights in any position required. Basic features include two bar holders positioned vertically, a safety spot bar that can be adjusted easily, a multi-grip pull-up bar, and hook bar catches.

Power racks allow weight trainers to perform a wide variety of lifts much more safely while effectively targeting weak links. They provide you with a well-rounded workout without taking up too much space. Apart from lifts and squats, you can also perform bicep curls, calf rises, and even shoulder shrugs with a power rack, it is one of the most dynamic and versatile gym equipment around. You can work out anytime you like without the necessity of a spotter because all it takes to ensure your safety is to pre-set the safety bars to a safe height. In case you reach failure while doing a rep, the vertical bars will hold the free weight for you. A Power Rack for one’s home gym can serve many useful purposes, but one big advantage is that one can train in safety as the supportive bars will catch the weight in the event of one failing during the exercise. If used correctly the Power Rack can produce stronger muscles, tendons, ligaments and sinews. A little bit of ingenuity and one can find a variety of safe and effective movements within the Power Rack.

There are a lot of great benefits that you will be able to take advantage of by using power rack when you work out. It is great to add resistance to the push-up while getting the fibre-activating bodyweight-exercise benefits of the push-up at the same time. Power racks often have attachments for chin-ups and dips, so the power rack provides both exercise versatility and safety. For someone who wants real muscle gains but has limited time to hit the gym, the power rack is by far the best workout station. It is convenient and easy to use for basic, multi-joint, power movements and thus ensures greater strength and muscle gains.

To sum up, the advantages of power rack training are…… safety, you get used to very heavy weights, work outs are short, very little fatigue, usually no muscle aches or soreness.

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