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There are different views regarding physical fitness. Some say it is related to task or work. Some consider it as a good looking physique. Many consider it as proper functioning of the physiological system. But, it is a term with a wider meaning. It is more than the possession of strength, speed and endurance. It is the capacity of an individual to work effectively with joy and pleasure. The person who remains energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic in doing his/her work is said to be physically fit.

The level of physical fitness varies from person to person. It depends upon the nature of work, size, shape, structure, age and adaptability of an individual. Physical fitness requires efficient motor mechanism (movement of body), efficient organic mechanism (physiological functioning), and efficient mental functioning (psychological set-up). A fit individual possess all of these.


Regular exercise: we should exercise regularly with good fitness equipment. It is said that our body is a type of machine which develops and improves with regular exercise and declines its efficiency due to lack of physical exercise. So we must exercise either at home gym or commercial gym, regularly to improve our health and fitness. One has rightly said that physical fitness is one’s richest possession; it cannot be purchased but it has to be earned through daily routine of physical exercises.

Heredity: the shape, size, structure, height are related to the hereditary factors also.

Proper training: proper training of body systems through exercise brings about good adaptation and increases the physical efficiency to a great extent.

Environment: climate, weather, temperature, pollution, etc., also affect our physical capability.

Profession: sedentary working style, situational factors and other working conditions also affect our physical capacity. Therefore we must ensure to take positive steps to improve our efficiency levels and boost our immunity through regular exercise routine.

Health problems: the physical wellness and fitness are greatly affected by health problems like sickness, disease, injury and so on. We must follow the preventive and curative measures so as to remain healthy.

Diet: a balanced diet and good bodybuilding supplements ensures good health. We must take a nutritionally balanced diet and if require, additional source of cheap protein powder, considering the type of activity, age, sex, weight, climate, etc.

Tension and stress: tension, stress and worries have adverse effects on our health. We can manage them through proper exercise with gym equipment and proper guidance.

Rest and relaxation: proper rest and relaxation should be taken after hard work. Exercising regularly combined with strength training ensures better endurance and tolerance to hard work.

Posture: good posture contributes to physical fitness and boosts our confidence.

Psychological factors: psychological factors like anxiety, feedback, emotional stability, and motivation play an important role in determining one’s fitness level.

To total it down, physical exercises help in developing the body. Our body is a kind of machine which grows and develops with proper training and exercise. Regular exercises ensure better neuro-muscular responses and leads to maximum organic development. It also ensures and guides a person to make his body strong, well-shaped, good looking. It ensures good working of the internal organs. A sound body is the home of a sound mind.

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