Physical Fitness – The Best Possession in Man’s life to Earn through Routine Exercise

Human life is based upon the body he keeps. All the activities of life are done with the help of body. Nature has created humans to perform various activities efficiently. Today, modernization has made life easy, as most of the work is performed by the machines. The sedentary lifestyle of man has reduced the efficiency of humans. This has caused many problems like weakness, illness, chronic diseases, life-style diseases and so on. Today, physical activities are less, there is a lot of stress everywhere, and diets are unbalanced as people have no time for nutrition planning and eating.

We desperately require physical fitness not only to improve our abilities but also to improve our health and wellness. This will also help to develop healthy environment around us along with the community health. Man is said to be the ‘man of action’. His activities are full of movements and for this, physical fitness is required.  Physical fitness plays a very crucial role in fulfilling the goals of life. A man’s life is full of physical and mental stresses which can be relieved only if he is physically fit. Thus, physical fitness is a matter of concern for optimum development of an individual. A healthy and fit society also fulfils the W.H.O. objective: “live most and serve best”. One has rightly said “Physical fitness is one’s richest possession; it cannot be purchased but it has to be rightly earned through a daily routine of physical exercise through fitness equipments .”

Physical fitness is the capacity of an individual to do work with joy and pleasure. After the work is over, he still has sufficient capacity to do more work without exertion. Moreover, his recovery is faster and quicker. There are different views regarding physical fitness. Some say it is related to task or work. Some consider it as good looking physique. Many consider it as proper functioning of the physiological system. But, it is a term with a wider meaning.  It is more than the possession of strength, speed and endurance. The person who remains energetic, enthusiastic and cheerful in doing his work is said to be fit.

Wellness with gym equipment is a vast term which involves overall health. We can say that wellness is the capacity of a person to lead a well-balanced life relating to physical health, mental health, social health along with an emotionally balanced life. In fact, it is the ability of an individual to lead a mentally, socially and emotionally balanced life along with the physical fitness. In simple words, we can say that it is a deliberate attempt to improve overall abilities of an individual to achieve the highest potential of life. Wellness keeps us psychologically balanced, emotionally stable and socially well-adjusted along with an optimum healthy life. It may be through the means of proper exercise, diet, stress management, hygiene, good working and living conditions, weight control, and avoiding negative habits that one can lead a good healthy life.

Benefits of physical fitness :

-improves total efficiency

-better quality of work

-optimum growth and development

-better utilization of time

-prevents health hazards and health problems

-improve physiological functioning

-good looking physique

-improvement in physical abilities

-manage stress effectively

-prevents premature aging

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