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A dumbbell is a short bar with a metal ball or disk, at both ends that is lifted for developing muscles. The Wikipedia defines dumbbell as, a type of free weight, a piece of equipment used in weight training. It can be used individually or in pairs (one for each hand). They are appropriate for all fitness levels and they are small and portable. Dumbbells are often used in conjunction with barbells. Barbells are long bars that allow someone to put weight plates on the ends to adjust the weight. According to “Men’s Fitness,” dumbbells are better for beginners. They are safer because they are smaller in size. You can work all muscle groups using just dumbbells. You can use dumbbells very effectively to build muscle on the chest. Dumbbells are great for building shoulder muscles. Dumbbells build biceps muscles, triceps, and the forearm muscles. The advantage of dumbbells is that they can be accessed very easily by many people since they are not very expensive compared to other gym equipment like recumbent bikes, exercise bikes, cross trainer, rowing machine, spin bike, elliptical trainer etc. They are popular because they are highly versatile. Working with dumbbells allows you to adapt exercises in variations depending on fitness level, exercise type or strength goals. With the dumbbells set, the sky is the limit really to what you can do. The dumbbells set is a time-tested form of workout equipment found in every gym around the world, largely in part to the variety and versatility they offer in achieving tremendous results.

Most of the dumbbell exercises ideally involve 10 to 12 repetitions, with few minutes of rest time. It is useful for people of all ages and fitness levels; to build stamina, provide movement, improve agility and achieve body strength. Dumbbell equipment forms a most vital part in any of the strength training and muscle building programs. Using dumbbells for exercise is the most effective and efficient way to strengthen and develop the muscles of the body. Women use dumbbells to tone up rather than to build muscle. This can be achieved in executing particular exercises, combinations, and choices of some exercises that target a woman’s problem areas. Thus women must learn the techniques of using the dumbbells correctly, with help of proper trainers if need be.  When you have done a dumbbell training programs long enough, stand in front of a mirror to admire the results you have achieved!

Normally, dumbbell workouts are done to develop certain muscle groups but they also provide definition of the whole body. They certainly strengthen and develop parts that are worked on like shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs and hamstring muscles. They add intensity to your exercises. Dumbbell exercises make you less prone to osteoporosis. Consistent dumbbell exercises will allow your body to speed up your metabolic rate helping in maintaining your weight. Dumbbell exercises make your body more contoured, making you feels confident and will inspire you to dress up nicely and make you feel lovely. Dumbbell exercises make your system conditioned, making you feel tighter and firmer. It will help you sleep sounder and better. These exercises demand less time. A well-protected system, a shapely body and a feeling of overall goodness are yours once you are able to train and develop your muscles using dumbbells.

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