Effects of Exercise on Muscular System – Muscle Building Through Exercise

Our body is a complex functioning of the various systems. Good working of the body consists of proper functioning of various systems which make the man more efficient. Each system consists of various organs. Organs consist of various tissues. And tissues consist of many cells. Thus, the functional ability of the body depends on each cell.

The main systems of the human body are –

The skeletal system – consisting of bones, joints, cartilage etc. it provides body framework and shape to the body. It protects the delicate organs and gives junction to the skeletal muscles.

The muscular system – it consists if muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. it provides movement to the body through its contraction.

The circulatory system – it consists of blood, blood vessels, heart, etc. it provides fluid circulation in the body.

The respiratory system – it consists of the breathing organs like lungs, trachea, alveoli, etc. it also helps in the production of energy in the body.

The nervous system – it consists of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It controls the working of various organs of the body.

The glandular system – it consists of endocrine and exocrine glands like the liver, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, salivary glands, intestine, etc. it helps the various systems to work properly.

The excretory system – it consists of kidneys, skin etc. it helps in excreting waste from the body.

The reproductive system – it consists of reproductive organs. It helps in reproducing young ones.

Many changes occur as a result of regular physical exercise with equipments for home gym or commercial gym like rowing machine, kettlebells, treadmills, elliptical trainer, cross trainer, weight plates, spin bike etc. Some are permanent changes and some are temporary, but all these have positive effects on human efficiency.


  1. Gain in strength: with regular exercise there is gain in muscular strength and power. This gain in strength is the result of thickening of sarcolemma.
  2. Improvement in efficiency: as a result of regular exercise with treadmills, spin bike, exercise bikes, there is an increase in the number of capillaries in muscles. By this, there is faster circulation of blood. This improves the efficiency of muscles.
  3. Lactic-acid tolerance: regular exercise increases the ability of muscles to tolerate lactic-acid for longer duration so muscles delay tiredness and fatigue.
  4. Increase in aerobic and anaerobic endurance: a trained muscle has more aerobic and anaerobic endurance,therefore, its capacity to work for a longer duration without fatigue is improved.
  5. Proper shape of the body: regular exercise with exercise bikes and other fitness equipments provides proper shape to the body. A well-defined shape improves physical personality.
  6. Faster recovery from injury: trained muscles can recover very fast from an injury. Moreover, chances of injuries are less.
  7. Improvement in the emergency energy stores: the ATP and ADP sources are increased by which muscles can produce more energy. It also increases the oxygen debt capacity thus improving the efficiency of the muscles.
  8. Desired strength can be developed: systematic and scientific weight training and strength techniques can develop the desired strength and endurance.
  9. Faster responses: the stimulus travels faster in the trained muscles. So the responses and actions of the muscles are faster. Moreover, the muscles remain in a toned up condition which improves reflex action. The body remains active throughout.
  10. Efficient use of diet: trained muscles can effectively use carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc., as sources of energy with less consumption of oxygen.
  11. Better neuro-muscular coordination: regular exercise improves neuro-muscular coordination by which various skills can be performed efficiently, economically and accurately.
  12. Increase in muscle mass: regular exercise increases the muscle mass i.e. increase in myoglobin content of muscles thus controlling the weight of a person.

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