Muscle Building Exercises Possible with Different Exercise Equipment

These days both men and women want to lose weight, build muscles, and shape their body. This can be done by performing various exercises including muscle building exercises; using many types of exercise equipments as explained further.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer has platforms to keep your feet, and handles that can be held with your hands. You need to just move the platforms in a circular way, while moving the handles forwards and backwards with your arms. An elliptical trainer does not affect your joints and trains the upper and lower body at the same time. It mainly helps to target your legs, shoulders, back and arms together. Regular elliptical training enables to shape and build various muscles that include the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. You can also increase the resistance on an elliptical trainer to execute an intense workout for your lower body muscles.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine basically mimics the action of rowing a real boat. It is highly effective for carrying out a full body workout. This equipment helps to tone all the major muscle groups such as the arms, abs, butts, back, legs, and the thighs. Moreover, the toned muscles enables the body to increases its metabolism, and thereby helps burning more fats. One more benefit of the rowing machine is that, it assists to reduce weight through a powerful aerobic exercise; which is also good for the cardiovascular system. Although a rowing machine tones the whole body; you can train the legs more, by decreasing the arm usage, and vice versa.


Treadmills permit the users to walk, jog, or run indoors. You can use a treadmill for walking briskly and thus build a muscular body, enhance your cardio health, keep in shape, and also increase your stamina. A treadmill even helps to perform aerobic workouts in order to lose weight. Many sportspersons also utilize a treadmill for sprint training. Users can vary their workouts by changing the speed and adjusting the incline of the treadmill. This enables you to make your workouts easy or intense as required. An even or elevated incline trains the lower body muscles, especially the calves, glutes, and hamstrings. While a negative incline of the treadmill, mainly targets your quadriceps muscles.

Exercise Bike

Several types of exercise bikes are used in home gyms. Some of them are upright, where you need to lean slightly forward and simply imitate riding a road bike. While the other type is known as recumbent, where you have to lean backwards and place your feet in the front. Both of these bikes provide an effective workout for your legs and the aerobic system. Moreover, exercise bikes can be adjusted at different levels in order to simulate riding up the slope. These bikes also have pedals that facilitate a push and pull movement. They help to strengthen the leg and thigh muscles including the calf, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles. Hence various muscle building exercises are possible with different exercise equipments as described above.

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