Most Effective Exercise Equipments to Build Six Pack Abs Body

Achieve the desired six pack abdomen body can be easily achieved through due diligence, taking the required exercises as well as having the appropriate fitness equipments.

The fitness equipments help out to create six packs require first removing off the tummy fat for proper physical expression of the muscles, followed by developing the chest muscles, as well as toning up the rest of the body muscles. In line with this while targeting an awesome body you may also consider a little input to the rest of the body muscles.

Strategies for Six Pack Development

  • It is always important to start with the cardio exercise. Typically the best cardio equipments are the tread mill that will help you quickly shed out the excess fat as well as engage the body muscles. It is important to start with at least 30 minutes on the machine before proceeding to the next stage.
  • This should be followed by another 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer as well as alternate 10 minutes of the Pilates move. These will enable you focus on muscle control while at the same time achieving strong and lean muscle.
  • To work on the core, the stair exercises on the cross trainer is a wonderful tool .45 minutes will help you work on your core as well as your lower abs and the lower back. Running exercises also help out on this target of workout.
  • The stationery bike combined with sit up exercises with arms positioned behind your head will help work the abdominal muscles in addition to the central abdomen.15 – 20 sit ups will be sufficient per session for this work out.
  • For even distribution of the body shape it is important to consider strength training and weight training. The bench press work out equipped with a power rack helps developing the biceps and the triceps and should be incorporated in the workout. This set of equipment also helps achieve stability and safety while working out.
  • Continue with the tread mill exercises taking 30 minutes a turn for effective shaping of the abdomen muscles followed by about 20 boomerang moves as well as Pilates move targeting multiple muscle groups.
  • A fitness regime equipped with the smith machine is very important due to the variety of workouts possible. The squats as well as the strength training with varying levels of resistance will enable you achieve a six pack body within no time.
  • Incorporate proper rests between the exercise regimes for effective muscle regeneration.


Developing an awesome six pack body requires a whole some approach starting with cardiovascular workouts for adequate air and blood circulation as well as developing the core. These can then be followed by exercises targeting the abdomen with the cross trainer, and extended with the recumbent exercise bike regimes.

It is also crucial to incorporate strength training exercises for the development of an even body. These are effectively carried out with weight machines and followed by 20 sit ups per workout.

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