Mistakes That Can Be Avoided While Buying Home Gym Equipments

Investing in personal fitness equipments is always recommended however most people find themselves in a cycle of regret after purchasing substandard equipment which soon breaks down, looses stability, becomes non repairable due to the construction material used and finally becomes a waste of money. Good Home fitness equipments are often costly and buyers can be easily led to believe on their authenticity unless they are careful before making the purchase. Here are some common mistakes that lead to buying poor quality fitness equipments.


In a bid for manufactures to sell as much as they can too many features are added on the machine and these will easily convince you on the superiority of the machine. The tendency is then to cover upon the poor quality of other core parts.

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Motor Ratings

This problem is associated with treadmill equipment. The calibration and parameters of the motor are such that the motor has a peak horse power rating which is the maximum rate it can operate with and a continuous operating power. Now the machine is sold with the peak operation power as the key feature, but this is not the actual operating power because of heating up. The operating horse powers are the key consideration to check and most people are duped by this.

Price Considerations

Fitness machines are health investments and thus price should come in second to quality. Note that you are using the machine on a daily basis, if there is a problem on the running; however minor it is it will directly impact on your body causing more harm than good.

  • Ignoring personal fitness needs before going for the purchase; personal needs analysis will always save you from unnecessary purchases and costs.

  • Ability to get local maintenance services of the machine.

  • Lack of a thorough analysis of the finer details. Keenly study the instruction manual before purchasing for those hidden details.

To avoid these mistakes there are various steps to take while purchasing fitness equipments. These include;

  • Purchasing branded equipments. The manufacturers that have branded their fitness machines usually have a lot of research done before releasing a new equipment including consultation with health professionals.

  • Conduct a thorough research on branded fitness equipments in the market before undertaking to purchase. Some of the most recognized brands include Jim Bradley, Adidas, everlast, Body Solid and Gripad.

  • The supplier of the equipment also needs to be of high integrity because this is the first stop when faced with a maintenance problem. Workout world offers unique and excellent services in the supply of fitness equipment for home and commercial use.

  • Always physically confirm the equipment features before undertaking to purchase as most of the details in the ads may be for advertising purposes. You may also consider a trial workout before taking the equipment.

  • Countercheck the selling conditions such as the after sales services such as repair and maintenance, return ability and any conditions that may be attached.

  • The size of the equipment versus the available workout room is important consideration. This is because you will need free space for movement and good air circulation while working out.


While purchasing home equipments it is important to exercise a lot of caution and due diligence. This is because your health is at stake here. The most common mistakes involve additional feature blanking out the essential features of equipment, power rating of motorized equipment, and price versus quality issues. While buying you must do a thorough research on the equipment and only go for the branded equipments such as Adidas, Everlast, Body Solid, Jim Bradly or Gripad. Consider your personal needs and always think twice before purchasing the equipment.

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