Medicine Balls

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Types of Medicine Balls

There are several types of medicine balls designed for specific purposes; like leather medicine ball, rubber medicine ball, gel-filled medicine ball, medicine ball with grip, air-filled medicine ball, medicine ball with handles, medicine ball with rope etc.

The medicine ball is simply a round weighted ball. Certain medicine balls are designed to bounce; while others do not bounce; few have a tough grip; many are smooth; some float and are soft; several are attached to ropes; others have handles.

How to Use Medicine Balls

A medicine ball workout provides fun while exercising. There are various ways about how to use medicine balls. Use a medicine ball with grip to increase core strength, build spine, pelvis and back muscles. A gel filled medicine ball is used in physical therapy.

A rubber medicine ball will develop arms, body balance and work on abs. Soft medicine balls are used for upper body; while heavy medicine balls for lower body. A medicine ball with rope involves every muscle in your body to control the motion.

Use a medicine ball with handles for core strength, torso rotations and hand throws. A leather medicine ball is used for abdominal work and short distance catch; an air-filled medicine ball is used for general resistance exercises.

Size of Medicine Balls

Medicine balls range from 4kg to 10kgs and 1lb to 30 lbs. The correct size of medicine balls depends on your exercise goals and whether you are short or tall; slim or muscular. For quick repeating exercises choose a light medicine ball; whereas strength training requires a heavy medicine ball.

So toss, catch, lift or press medicine balls for healthiness. World Fitness supplies fitness equipment , bodybuilding supplements throughout Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Perth, Queensland, Sydney, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

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