Medicine Ball – Perfect for Total Body Fitness

A medicine ball is a sphere shaped weighted ball, considered as the oldest gym equipment for strength and fitness training. Medicine balls are just perfect for total body fitness as exercising using medicine ball helps in developing muscles, power, strength and stability. Using medicine balls in workouts will definitely build or tone your muscles and also improves coordination and endurance during other strength training workouts as well as exercises. Medicine ball is heavy and so if not handled properly can cause severe injuries. So, a physical instructor should be consulted before using medicine balls and should be ensured that it is used in a proper way. Medicine ball can be utilized as an exercise equipment in different ways in workouts given below:-

Medicine Balls Sit-Ups

In this kind of exercise, you are supposed to be in a lying position and then hold the medicine ball up to your chest level. Then you can sit-up gradually and pass on the ball to your exercising partner and then collect the ball when returned. If you don’t have an exercising partner, you can throw the ball towards the wall and collect it when it rebounds. This exercise can build your abdominal muscles and works as a perfect strength building exercise.

Medicine Balls Push-Ups

Push-ups using medicine ball gives strength to your arms and chest. You are supposed to place your hands on the ball and move your feet behind to make your body straight. Then you have to do normal push-ups by bending your arms and lowering your chest towards the ball and then extending your arms and move your chest towards the starting position. Repeat the procedure frequently to get the desired results. The muscles of your arms and chest get build up with this exercise.

Other Uses of a Medicine Ball

One of the simple way to use medicine ball is to pick it up and put it back down. You can also perform other exercises like thrusters using a medicine ball which develops the muscles of your arms and legs. Other ways of using medicine ball is to throw the ball behind you or over you or over your head/chest and notice how far does it go. Over the time, there are many other variations which have been developed and the fitness instructors have been able to discover new ways of exercising using medicine balls.

Safety Measures to be taken While Exercising Using Medicine Ball

Exercising using medicine ball is not difficult but initially it is advised to use medicine ball which less in weight and gradually the weight should be increased. There should be careful handling of the medicine ball and it is advised that initially it should be done with proper guidance of a physical instructor. If you are new to medicine balls, you should not over stress yourself otherwise it may result in severe injury.

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