Mass Building Workouts with Home Gym Equipments

Who doesn’t want to have a toned, well shaped body? Almost all boys aspire to have a body that is well built and muscular. Some don’t have the time to go to a gym, others don’t have the resource. The best option is to workout at home.

If you are living in a small town or don’t have a gym nearby it does not mean you cannot have a well built body. You can build a strong muscular body at home also. If you plan well and use appropriate equipment you can easily do mass building workouts at home and show your friends your muscles.

While working at home you don’t have to think about time and travelling to and fro. You can work out whenever you feel like or whenever you have the time, it may be in the morning, noon, or night. Many body builders started their training with home gym equipment.

The vital Equipment for Mass Building needed for Home Gym

Push-ups – Push-ups done regularly help to make the shoulders, chest and triceps stronger.

Pull up Bars – Pull up bar exercises are very good for making the upper body stronger.

Dumbbells – One of the best home gym equipment is dumbbells. You can do upper body work out, lower body work out or full body work out with these. They help to build muscles and increase your strength.

Resistance Band – These are enormous rubber bands which help to build muscles. On stretching this band tension is created in the whole body which in turn builds muscle mass and strengthens the body.

Jump Rope – This is a very important equipment for exercise as it helps to build body mass, burn fat, tone the body and improve the density of the bones.

Barbell and Weight Set – This is the very basic and perfect equipment for building muscles. A number of exercises can be done using barbells and weights like floor presses, bicep curls, power cleans, shoulder press etc.

Exercise Ball – Exercise ball is not for yoga or for aerobics alone. This can be used in place of a flat or adjustable bench. You can do a number of exercises like flys to build muscles, dumbbells presses, or incline presses.

Some Points to Remember

  • For greater benefit to build muscles, cardio exercise should be done after the work outs.
  • In your diet increase the intake of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Eat more of foods like meat, fish or eggs, fruits, vegetables, pulses and whole grains. This helps to develop muscle mass.
  • Before you begin the exercise, warm up your body by jogging or walking and repeat this even after the exercises.
  • After you complete the exercises, make sure to stretch the muscles.


While working at home you have limited equipment so the mass building exercises may be restricted, but that is no reason not to begin. Exercise for three days in a week and rest for a day in between so that your muscles can recuperate and renew. But don’t forget you need to do some cardio exercises as well for that muscular body.

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