Learn to Burn More Calories on Treadmills

Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise equipments available in the market today. For most of the fitness fanatics, a treadmill serves to be staple exercise equipment for calorie burning and weight balance. While working out on treadmills, no doubt that calories are burnt, but what is essential is to get the best of it, meaning that more calories should be burnt and that too at much rapid rate. To do this one needs to consider some easy and small things which can amazingly boost up the effect and satisfaction with a treadmill workout. Following are some of the tips that can help you burn more calories on treadmills in lesser time.

Walking on an elevated surface will burn more calories as compared to walk on leveled or flat one. The same strategy is applicable in case of treadmills too. By setting a treadmill at an inclined position one can expect to burn more amount of calories during the workout than that of the treadmill set at the flat position. One will have to work much harder forcing the bigger groups associated with muscles to operate while walking briskly or running on an inclined treadmill. As a result more calories are burnt, double or triple in amount than normally burnt.

One can also go for interval training during this inclined uphill stroll on the treadmill. Walking on slope for some time and then on flat position of treadmill will help in enhancing the calorie burning capacity of your body by challenging it for a different exercise without getting accustomed to routine exercise with repetitive similar kind of muscle mass motion.

Never hold on the hand support bars or handrails of the equipment repetitively or continuously while workout because doing so, you will reduce the efforts put on by your legs and therefore lesser calories will be burnt. Instead, you can try reducing the speed of the machine until you get full grip in walking on the machine and then go for an intense workout.

Pace intervals are very effective during a treadmill workout. Constant fast or slow running will not give you the desired results. Instead alternating the intensities as slow to fast and again from fast to slow will promote increased calorie consumption.

Constant training on treadmill can sometimes make you feel bored and frustrated at times. So the better way would be to compete with neighboring person or friend by side to feel more interested in the workout. This will help you go longer with your workout while giving you the motivation to add on much intensity and as a fact, more the intensity much will be the calories burnt.

Exercising on treadmill with all these points in your mind you can definitely get the best results for calorie shed off from your body. But keeping in mind the safety measures is equally important too so that you do not get hurt or injured in the race in the want of more calorie burn. Never push yourself for such an intense workout which your body cannot take up and make sure to consult a physician in case of injuries or aches resulting due to the intense workout.

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